After Oden and Durant, who is the next best player in the NBA draft?

Question:I'm not excted about Horford or Brandon Wright as a Bucks fan looking at the #3 slot in the upcoming NBA draft.

Trade down and getting Brewer seems appealing.or even WAY down and Alando Tucker (Wisconsin).


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Corey Brewer baby hes a beast!

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Wait until we see who comes out and for the lottery...

You won't need to trade down to select Tucker, y'all can get him with your second round pick. Brewer is solid, as the Bucks need some size at guard... They are all like 5'5", 6'0", or 6'1" (Boykins, Williams, and Bell)...

However, these are probably my rankings of the top 10 in the draft (assuming everyone goes out that is expected to):

1 Oden
2 Durant
3 Yi Jianlian
4 Brandan Wright
5 Corey Brewer
6 Roy Hibbert
7 Al Horford
8 Josh McRoberts
9 Jeff Green
10 Joakim Noah

I think you guys could use Brewer... if y'all don't get in the lottery, however, you will be picking 4th to 6th, so you don't need to trade down to snare Brewer. 3rd might be a bit of a reach, but it's not like you or I get to choose anyway... Trust your management (and be happy you don't have Matt Millen as a GM!)

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If he {Hibbert} goes, he would look good in that slot. Others: Brewer, Tucker, and Rush.

Why dose j rose not play for the suns?

Brandan Wright if he enters the draft. As a UNC fan I got to watch plenty of their games and if you guys draft him you won't be dissapointed. He has got really long arms allowing him to soar up and block taller players shots. He kind of reminds me of a more athletic version of Marvin Williams but he will be way better than him.I can see Brandan Wright as a future all-star player. your line up would be very good if you guys get Wright.

PG -Mo Williams
SG -Michael Redd
SF- Charlie Villenauva
PF-Brandan Wright
C-Andrew Bogut

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roy hibbert

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no, brandon wright should no go pro. absolutely not. he is like t. prince(on the pistons) playing PF. he needs about 20 more pounds to be good. it will be hibbert, or durant. oden will be a great pro, but it will take him a while cause now he gets to bang with shaq yao and ben wallace, he wont be the most dominate player in the post. for the bucks, go for hibbert, he is a great big man with a nice touch around the hoop

Are the LAKERS still in this thing or did the suns scorch their poor little booties?

the next best player has gotta be alando tucker or Acie Law. mike conley will be a good pick if he enters the draft

Can you believe Kobe Bryant had these stats in high school?!?!?

Joakim Noah then Corey Brewer then Al Horford.

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