1960 Rome Olympics U.S. Team(J.West,O.Robertson&J... vs. 1992 Dream Team(Jordan,Magic,Bird) Who would win?

Who would win? Why? Keep in mind that Walt Bellamy, Terry Dischinger, Bob Boozer, Adrian Smith were also part of the 1960 U.S. Olympic Team while the Dream Team had the likes of Barkley, Drexler, Ewing K.Malone etc. The 1960 team, prior to the 1992 Dream Team, was generally considered to be the best U.S. Olympic Basketball team ever.


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It would be a good game but the 1992 dream team would win because of experience. Keep in mind, the 1960 team was full of college players. West and Robertson would be dominate though.

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NO DOUBTS DREAM TEAM far more experienced

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With the way the game has changed, I'd have to say the Dream Team. It wouldn't be a land-slide, though.

Edit: Wonder if EA sports could put that into their NBA basketball game? That'd be cool :-)

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