Anybody here a cleveland cavs fan?


Who is the guy who always sits next to Jack at the Laker games?

Die hard Cavs fan here. I have watched every game they played this year. Hoping they can win their last 2 games and Chicago can at least lose one. That 5th seed will be very difficult to advance anywhere in the playoffs with.

O yea, did Cleveland crush Atlanta tonight or what? Lebron played like half the game but was lighting it up.

Is Steve Nash going to win MVP three years in a row?

I play more basketball than i watch, but i like Miami Heat. I like Wade because he is amazing but he doesnt act like it.

On "NBA Shootaround" that was just on ESPN a few minutes ago, did the guys make picks on the spurs-suns series

i love lebron but cant stand the cavs organisation

Who will win the NBA championship this year?

Respect Lebron, dont like the Cavs, DEETRROIIIT BASKKETTBALL

Any good tips for getting (affordable?) NBA season tickets for 07/08? I like the Suns..?

i am red cav all the way
next year players would get Technicals for acting
i have a suggestion
call that the ginobili's rule

What was the best NBA game of all time?

I only like them for lebron. He's like the only onoe who does anything. Like last year when they got to the playoffs, it was all because of lebron.

Do you think lakers will win the suns from down 3-1?

sorry i hate that team mainly because of lebron and hughes but that one guy with the fro is good i don't know how to spell his name it starts with a "v"

Has Phil Jackson ever coached a team to an overachieving season?

They are my 10th favorite NBA team because the have LeBron.

Jason Kidd?

i am i go to every cavs game at home cuz i live in cleveland they are my team for the east

and my team for the west is the suns

What is your favorite WNBA basketball team?

for me they're aight but i still cheer for PHOENIX SUNS! Steve Nash all the way!! =P

How good with Phoenix be with a top 5 pick in the NBA draft, from the Hawks?

Heck yes!! I absolutely love them!! And LeBron James-My home team and my favorite!!

And to anthony: Its Anderson Varejao-I love him too!!

Does Chris Bosh's Neck look like a Giraffe?

I don't know.

Name your basketball fantasy team?

I love Cleveland....I love Cleveland in the 5th spot and out in round 1....Go Bulls!

Do you think a championship can be won without 2 legit all star caliber players on a team?

They are not my favorite team, but I've pulled for them throughout the years. Especially against da Bulls back in the 90's.

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