2007 NBA PLAYOFF Predictions?

Question:ROUND 1
MAVS (4) over WARRIORS (2) * hope the mavs win *
SUNS (4) over LAKERS (1) * hope the suns win *
SPURS (4) over NUGGETS (1) * hope the Nuggets win *
JAZZ (3) lose to ROCKETS (4) * hope the Rockets win *

PISTONS (4) over MAGIC (0) * hope the Magic win *
CAVS (4) over WIZARDS (0) * don't care either way *
BULLS (3) lose to HEAT (4) * hope the Heat win *
RAPS (4) over NETS (3) * hope the Raps win *

MAVS (4) over ROCKETS (2) * hope the Mavs win *
SUNS (4) over SPURS (3) * hope the Suns win *

PISTONS (4) over HEAT (2) * hope the Heat win *
RAPS (2) lose to CAVS (4) * hope the Raps win *

MAVS (4) over SUNS (3) * hope the suns win *

PISTONS (4) over CAVS (2) * hope the Cavs win *

MAVS (4) over PISTONS (3) *hope the Mavs win *

There is a difference between who I think will win and who I hope wins. I want the SUNS to win it all, if not them 2) Heat 3) Mavs 4) Raps 5) Nuggets 6) Rockets... then i don't care


Sebastian telfair?

suns going all the way

Is baron davis the most electrifying and fun to watch point guard in the nba?

ROCKETS all da way baby!!! after Rockets then I don't care.

What do you think caused the Bulls to lose last night against the Pistons?

suns meat Det in finals..Suns win it all

Should Ben Wallace come back to the Pistons?

I predict I will fall asleep if I'm forced to watch any of the games.

Doesn't Baron Davis look like Kanye West?

I agree if the Suns make it to the finals against the Pistons than the Suns can write their name on the trophy!

Ok so does golden state warriors have any chance of winning this series against utah?


Do you think its over for the Warriors?

it will be suns and cavs and the suns will win

You heard they might move the college 3 point line back a foot. Is the college line too easy?


How much really michael jordan worth to date?as in US $?

Mavericks vs. Warriors: Mavericks in 6
Rockets vs. Jazz: Rockets in 6
Spurs vs. Nuggets: Spurs in 6
Suns vs. Lakers: Lakers in 7 (Lakers upset Suns in NBA history Lakers first deficit to beat Suns from Suns lead 3-0 but stop to sweep then Lakers won 4 straight games to beat Suns! 4-3!) scoreboard following below:

Gm 1 Lakers 71 Suns 116 Game 1 Lakers was worst loss! Suns lead 1-0. Kobe looks poor Kobe 14 points.
Gm 2 Lakers 88 Suns 111 Lakers still disappoint! Suns lead 2-0. Lakers go to Staples Center next: Kobe 22 points
Gm 3 Suns 108 Lakers 98 Kobe 36 points Lakers' frustrated! Suns lead 3-0. go sweep? No. Lakers, Don't give up! Go Lakers!!
Gm 4 Suns 148 Lakers 150 3OT Yessss Lakers did win to stop Suns' sweep wow triple overtime yes Kobe did shoot 3 pointer over Suns buzz! after Suns lead one point 148-147 for two seconds left. Laker fans wild cheered Lakers victory over Suns 150-148. Kobe scored 74 points high NBA Playoff history. Wow! Go ahead to return desert Suns' home for Game 5. Suns lead 3-1.
Gm 5 Lakers 110 Suns 104 Yes Lakers win again Lakers was poorly on first quarter. Suns started to lead over Lakers 54-38 on first Half. In second half, Kobe began hot Lakers runs to beat Suns deficit down 16 points to victory 110-104. Kobe 42 points( his first half 2 pts and second half 40 pts) Suns lead 3-2. Lakers returned home next Game 6.
Gm 6 Suns 93 Lakers 114 Kobe 45 points Yes Lakers chance win deficit from Suns 3-0 Go Lakers!! Go back to Phoenix in Game 7.
Gm 7 Lakers 108 Suns 107 yes yes yes Lakers win!! Lakers win 4-3!! Unbelievable Andrew Bynum did shot 3 pointer buzz to defeat Suns after Kwame Brown fouled out and Suns lead 107-105 five seconds left.. Bynum 43 points wow high career history playoff! Kobe 24 points. Lakers great upset to defeat Suns in history!! Lakers players jumped and joyed and poured beer over their head in locker room!

Score box in Game 7
Lakers 18 24 36 30 108 Bynum 43 pts 22 rebs
Suns 28 22 34 23 107 Nash 36 pts 16 assts

Pistons vs. Magic: Pistons in five
Bulls vs. Heat: Heat in seven
Raptors vs. Nets: Nets in six
Cavaliers vs. Wizards: Cavaliers in four sweep Wizards 4-0.

Semifinals Conference:
.Mavericks vs. Rockets: Mavericks in 6
Lakers vs. Spurs: Lakers in 7

Gm 1 Lakers 78 Spurs 124 Spurs lead 1-0. oh bad another loss worst Kobe 16 points.
Gm 2 Lakers 64 Spurs 78. Great defensive! but Lakers looked poorly and lowest score in history. Kobe 18 points. Spurs lead 2-0.
Gm 3 Spurs 108 Lakers 105. Kobe 23 points Spurs lead 3-0. another frustrated!! for Lakers!!
Gm 4 Spurs 104 Lakers 106 Kobe 28 points Spurs almost beat and sweep Lakers so Spurs made 3 pointer to beat Lakers 107-106 but no after buzz so yes Lakers won and stop Spurs' sweep. Spurs lead 3-1.
Gm 5 Lakers 92 Spurs 85 Kobe 31 points Spurs lead 3-2.
Gm 6 Spurs 94 Lakers 98 Kobe 28 points Tied 3-3.
Gm 7 Lakers 101 Spurs 100 Kobe 25 points Wow Lakers another upset to beat Spurs and second deficit Spurs' 3-0 in history! Bad news for Duncan! Duncan did another laugh at ref. Joe Crawford and then Duncan was ejected in third quarter before Lakers runs 18-0 and beat Spurs after Spurs lead Lakers 74-60. Sorry Duncan make mistake that Spurs made distract! Lakers' victory! 4-3! haha! ahead go face against tough Mavericks on Western final conference.

Pistons vs. Heat: Heat in four sweep Pistons 4-0!!
Cavaliers vs. Nets: Cavaliers in four sweep again over Nets 4-0!

Western Conference Finals Lakers vs. Mavericks

Gm 1 Lakers 110 Mavericks 96 Kobe 30 points Yes Lakers awesome beat Mavs in Dallas in Game 1 come true my dream!! Dirk Notwi. get angry and did choke second treadmill in locker room alike last year against Heat in NBA Finals and Mark Cuban loudly yelled angrily. Lakers lead 1-0.
Gm 2 Lakers 88 Mavericks 134. Tied 1-1 Lakers looks awful and loss worst. Kobe 18 points.
Gm 3 Mavericks 116 Lakers 118 Kobe 46 points. Lakers lead 2-1.
Gm 4 Mavericks 86 Lakers 121 Kobe 68 points Lakers lead 3-1. yes Lakers terrific beat Mavs by 35 points and did same last year Kobe scored 60 points over Mavs in Dec 2005. Remember. Wow. Mark Cuban got very upset and anxious.
Gm 5 Lakers 100 Mavericks 112 Kobe 34 points Lakers lead 3-2. All Mavs fans heavily booed at Kobe so Lakers made bad loss. Go return to Staples Center next Game 6.
Gm 6 Mavericks 98 Lakers 114 Kobe 52 points Lakers win 4-2! Lakers did go be stronger so did beat Mavs!! NBA Western Championship Lakers!! Go to NBA Finals!! Mavs and Mark Cuban was very disappointed and went home.

Eastern Conference Finals Heat vs. Cavaliers (Wade vs. James)

Gm 1 Heat 92 Cavaliers 110 Cavaliers lead 1-0
Gm 2 Heat 100 Cavaliers 98 Tied 1-1
Gm 3 Cavaliers 96 Heat 108 Heat lead 2-1
Gm 4 Cavaliers 115 Heat 113 OT Tied 2-2
Gm 5 Heat 81 Cavaliers 95 Cavaliers lead 3-2
Gm 6 Cavaliers 86 Heat 109 Tied 3-3
Gm 7 Heat 96 Cavaliers 89 Heat win 4-3 and win Eastern Championship and go face against Lakers 2007 NBA Finals (Shaq vs. Kobe).

2007 NBA Finals Lakers vs. Heat.
Heat host Lakers in Miami because Heat is better record this season than Lakers go ahead Game 1 Lakers at Heat.
Gm 1 Lakers 84 Heat 100 Kobe 22 points, O'Neal 24 points Wade 37 points Heat lead 1-0. Lakers looks disappointed like same Christmas last year and look gloomy. Shaq seems back act like Diesel so not friendly to Kobe and don't shake or hug him. Shaq is mad at Kobe and don't believe this!!
Gm 2 Lakers 112 Heat 111 Kobe 34 points O'Neal 21 points Wade 35 points Tied 1-1. Kobe shot to make victory Lakers 112-111 buzz after Heat lead 111-110. Lucky win for Lakers! Go to Staples Center next Game 3.
Gm 3 Heat 95 Lakers 108 Kobe 29 points O'Neal 19 points Wade 33 points Lakers lead 2-1. Shaq looks upset for his former team!
Gm 4 Heat 111 Lakers 109 OT Kobe 36 points, O'Neal 30 points, Wade 27 points. In overtime, Lakers lead Heat 109-108 for 7 seconds left, then Wade did shot 3 pointer before buzz to defeat Lakers 111-109! Tied 2-2.
Gm 5 Heat 94 Lakers 102 Kobe 34 points (ejected in fourth quarter for fighting), O'Neal 25 points (ejected in fourth quarter for fighting), Wade 30 points, Lakers lead 3-2. In fourth quarter, Kobe and Shaq fight and both ejected. Laker fans booed and throw beer can at Shaq going to exit entrance after fight. Kobe would suspend for all games on NBA Finals for punch hardly to Shaq's left eye so no return on Game 7. Will Lakers stuck on Game 7 without Kobe? Shaq would suspend for one game for push hardly and clothesline Kobe but he will return on Game 7. Lakers would go back to Miami next Game 6. Without Kobe what you think Lakers will lose?

Score box Game 6

Lakers 26 24 38 42 130
Heat 26 24 23 24 97 Final Lakers win 4-2.

World NBA Championship Lakers!! Andrew Bynum for NBA Finals MVP!! Bynum did awesome score points for Lakers beat Heat 130-97! Unbelievable! Yes alike back to 1980 NBA Finals Magic Johnson rookie player MVP beat 76ers without Kareem. Bynum did!!! without Kobe! Bynum 62 points, 32 rebounds, 15 blocks, 12 assists!! Fourth-Triple-Double his first NBA history!!! bye Shaq!

Just kidding but not. maybe my opinion come true. LOL!!

GO LAKERS!!! Hope certain!

Who will win it?

guy above me is a nutball!

but i guess i am too because i am calling the WARRIORS to go all..the....way!

How about the Rocket tonight vs. the sun? wow!?

wow that guy above me 2 stops wow
he should get the 10 even if he copy and pasted
making me scroll down i started reading it but forget that
but anyways mavs!

Why is everyone trashing the Warriors? Are you all just jealous that we made history with our upset?












When is head-to-head match-up used on deciding a tie-breaker in NBA? division standings? conference standings?

Round 1

Mavs over Warriors (4-2)
Suns over Lakers (4-1)
Nuggets over Spurs (4-3)
Rockets over Jazz (4-2)

Pistons over Magic (4-0)
Cavs over Wizards (4-0)
Raps over Nets (4-3)
Bulls over Heat (4-2)

Round 2

Mavs over Rockets (4-3)
Suns over Nuggets (4-1)

Pistons over Bulls (4-2)
Raps over Cavs (4-1)

Semi Finals

Suns over Mavs (4-2)

Raps over Pistons (4-3)


Raps over Suns (4-3)

Gotta have hope xD

Score of tonights Bulls Pisstons matchup?

The Bulls will beat the Heat in 5 games.

Bulls only need two more games to advance to second round.
They will win at least one in Miami and win the series in Chicago.

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