AI or Dwade?

My sister love Allen Iverson but i love Dwayne Wade who do you think looks better ?


You think the Spurs can attempt to win this game in good conscience?

Dwyane Wade by far,he has habdles,he can pass and he can score,he practices everytime not like AI said"We talking about practice?".Wade carried the Heat to a cham;pionship in his third year,AI doesnt have a ring.And now he is the deep west and he is not as dominant as he was in the East.

Can anybody tell me how i can watch free live nba games online?

I pick Wade because he is still fresh and has a ring.

Do the Warrior players close their eyes and pray whenever they attempt a 3 pt shot?

If you mean looks then AI looks the best between the two. If you mean who's the better player I'll go with Dwade.

What are some really good songs to get you pumped up for a basketball game?

hahahaha hey brie1inamillion this is your sister who LUVZ
ALLEN IVERSON. HE looks waaaaaaaay better than ya boy dwade. hmmm have you seen his body!?!?! whooooo
sorri but AI is good and he aint goin' anywhere!!!!!!!!...

Ooops, Two weeks before the worriors got into playoffs, I asked if they were the most complete team in nba?

AL cause he been he their longer then wade.

Why do the guys in the NBA have that plastic cover Protector on thier face?

dat boi AI

Just heard Joey Crawford has been suspended indefinitely by the NBA. Thoughts?

Ouch...tough question.How bout both? :P

Which college team has the most players in the NBA and how many.?


When was the last tine before sat did the pistons wings tigers or lions won at the same time?

D-Wade looks better than AI! And Carmelo looks better than AI! Just my opinion!

Black kobe jersey with his face on the front??

the better looks would be a.i.the better player would be d-wade

If some one throws up an air ball some one from the same team gets it then gets it in is that an assist?

dwayne wade, and it's not even close. AI has more tattos than the tatoo parlor.

Does anyone know where I can find an autographed Gerry McNamara Jersey?

As a person and as a player, Dwyane Wade.

Ever notice that NBA players wear those Lance Armstrong looking wristbands on the court?

D-WADE cuz he got a ring, and hes a betta finfsher, and he can pass the ball

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