*, now Suns vs Spurs match is a reality, what can we Suns do, pray and cheer for our team only, its scary?

Question:Suns worst nightmare, hope there won't be replay of last two seasons playoff nightmare.
I pray that all the Suns players especially Nash and Amare, has learn their lessons and finally able to give Spurs a kick in their butts off the second round playoff. Lets hope that what Barkley said became reality,"God want us to win"


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nash vs parker: both are great penetrators and finishers at the rim. nash gets his teammates involved more, provided that there are still good looks through the spurs' d. nash has the great outside touch, too. plus, he's two-time. case closed.

bell vs finley: finley is RED HOTT. bell can get real hot too. he can shut finley down.

diaw/jones vs bowen: bowen with the lockdown D on whomever. diaw and jones havent been much of a factor in the series.

marion vs elson: elson has the height advantage, but marion is way craftier, quicker, and experienced.

stoudemire vs duncan: godlike athleticism vs really dominant big man. each has to make the other work for it on defense. it can go either way.

barbosa vs ginobili: 6th man trophy says it all!

suns will win.


suns fans better pray for a miracle because you guys are about to get slaughtered

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it will be a great matchup.but i have to go with the spurs because my cousin is a cheerleader for them.but youre suns are tough


Go Suns!!! But, sadly they are facing the best team in the last 5 years. Keep the eyes on the prize... But to be real... Spurs in 6... The best defense will always beat the best offense... This will be good to watch... It's going to be an epic... The only way the suns will win is by keeping the game fast... If they reach about 110+ points they would probably win but getting to 100 is already tough task when you're against the spurs... Go Suns... Believe...

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Well, I'm not going to lie, I am a HUGE Spurs fan however, I have much respect for Nash. He's a great player and is a good candidate for MVP...again. But, the Spurs, especially Duncan, have been playing the most aggressive basketball they have played all season long. Not to mention, they are perhaps the best "playoff" team in the league right now. And if you're into superstitions, almost every year when they have won the championship, they lose the first game of the playoffs. This year was no exception.

I'm looking forward to a great series but I just dont see this going well for Nash. Especially since the Lakers weren't really a challenge. Cheers!

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Spurs are stronger then b4...it will be a upset despite homecourt..

Why do you think, the Miami Heat was out early in the 2007 playoffs ?.?

Suns will kick the SPURS *** all the way back to San Antonio. The Spurs are old geezers, i'll expect Amare to abuse the shiz out of tim duncan

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i like sir charles. but you suns better star praying and cheering and all crap cause SUNSet in SAN ANTON on the forth game.

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Defense ALWAYS prevails especially when you're playing an offensive team like the suns that can't play defense.

A great defense will keep you in games no matter how bad your FG percentage is that night.

I can't believe people say the suns will win b/c they are faster and the spurs are older. The spurs were old the the suns were just ast fast when the spurs beat them in 5 games with no problems.

The suns are going to have to either step up their defense big time (for those nights or stretches when shots aren't falling) or they're going to have to be VERY efficient scorers night in and night out to beat this team.

Both teams are pretty good and have what it takes to go all the way but when you have a choice between great defense and great offense the defense wins 9 times out of 10.

Homecourt advantage means absolutely nothing. The met 3 times only 1 of the 3 games was in phx so just b/c they won that ONE game in phx doesn't necessarily mean that they win b/c they have home court advantage. HC advantage didn't help the mavs vs the miami heat.

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