Another Robert Parish follwer?

Robert Parish spent 21 years in the league. Dallas Mavericks Center Kevin Willis, 44, is on 20. Will he make it to 21?


Basketball cards?

He could. He seems to be in great shape, and a 10-day contract is a fairly non-comittal deal. That said, Robert Parish really played for all of his seasons, and was a contributor in all but one.

I guess watching a bunch of has-beens hook up with championship contenders come playoff time doesn't excite me all that much.

Who else here thinks that the NBA playoffs is geting boring..?

not really. dallas just needs a big body, another 6 fouls to spend on boozer, duncan, amare, and yao. the very reason they signed him for.

Can my fellow Kobe haters say.. 'bring out the broom?'?

Sure. If he waits till the last month of next season and signs his 7 foot frame and 6 fouls to a contender.

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