2007 NBA Playoffs?

Question:Which one of these NBA you think will go the farther in the Playoffs?
Chicago Bulls
Toronto Raports
Washington Wizards
New Jersey Nets
Golden State Warriors
Orlando Magic(if they make it to the playoffs)


Who do all basketball fans will win the nba championship?

Nobody has mentioned the Warriors the addition of Al Harrington, and Stephen Jackson has not only added experience, but depth they both can play multiple positions. Not to forget B Diddy, J Rich, youngsters Monta Ellis/Andris Biedrins plus a couple of bench players and they have an experienced coach in Don Nelson. They play that run and gun type offense which they have beaten Dallas twice so far this year they can make an interesting series with anyone.

Is this year's Golden State Warriors team the best 8th seed ever?

Probably the Bulls and the Raptors

If they make them?

deifnitely the wizards

Are Bulls in the playoofs?

chicago bulls - they got veteran ben wallace, great pg in kirk hinrich, balanced scoring in deng and gordon, and good bench in nicioni and thomas. they are a deep team that may be better than detroit. they play a team game and may be the dark horse to get to the finals and a team like phoenix or dallas might get cocky and underestimate them and they could really surprise.

Do u think stern rules will cause a fall out with nba fans.?

The Raps! They're clicking so well and are playing such good basketball! They came back from 15 down last night against the pistons! That's really good if you ask me! The wizards are screwed without arenas! The raps are just the best out of all of them i think.

Michael Jordan in High School?

The Chicage Bulls... they have their whole team intact... everyone is healthy...

Washington doesnt have Arenas or Butler

The Raptors dont have Barnani or Garbosa

The other just purely dont have a chance.

Are you more excited about Boston/Yankees this weekend or NBA playoffs?

My Pacers! Na they probably wont even make it. I'm gonna go with the Raptors. Chicago doesnt have A back to the basket scorer anywhere on their team and they cant rely on Guards to score all their points. the Nets are good but for some reason they still give the ball to Vince every time down the floor instead of including Jefferson into the game more (which they should do) and they dont have A big man at all. Mikki Moore is ok but he aint Krstic. The Wizards wont have Arenas or A big man. The Warriors wont make the playoffs if they somehow do watch out for them but they wont win because Stephen Jackson will find some way to screw things up. The Magic have Dwight Howard and thats it, so if they did make it they would be in the 8th seed and I dont think Dwight Howard can best the Pistons by himself. That leaves the Raptors, Chris Bosh is turning into an elite man, Anthony Parker is A quiet baller, they play good consistent D and can shoot the 3 with anyone.


I think the NJ could go a long way in the playoffs, with the playoff experience of VC Kidd and RJ they can give the Bulls a hard time in the 1st Rd. But I'm routing for GSW to go all the way(if they make it to the 8th spot)...I'm sensing an upset against DAL, with Don Nelson now in GS and their star studded line up..go GSW!!

What happened to the nba why isnt fundamental like it used to be?

i would go with Chicago Bulls over Toranto Raptors becuz they have better players like , Ben Gordan,Ben Wallas,Kirk Hinarch, Deng and the raptors have 1 star which is Bosh

How come people deny that MJ didn't need Pippen to win ?


Should Portland trade their #1 pick for some veterans?

Chicago Bulls, unless Arenas and Butler come back full strength! Everyone else will be out in the first round.. if they make it!

Are Jazz fans really nice fans?

chicago and toronto, but obviously the pistons verse mavs in the finals,mavs are wining it all

Who's the better rebounder?? dennis rodman or ben wallace??

Definitely the Raptors. Did you see them beat out Detroit last night? I sure did. The Raptors are a team that is clicking on all cylinders, they have a post and multiple outside threats and a decent point guard.

I also strongly believe the Warriors will pull off the greatest upset ever against Dallas. It's very possible since they Warriors have beaten the Mavs twice in the regular season.

What do you think who will win the Harlem Globetrotters or the NBA dream team this season?

The Spurs

Tim Duncan

Who do you want to see next round dallas oops warriors and utah or houston?

Chicago, last year they gave Miami as hard a time as any team in the playoffs last year..They upgraded with Ben Wallace and I think the team has gained more experience. They're a defensive team and defense wins championships, not offense...So I think they have the best opportunity out of all the teams listed above!!!!

What's Josh Boone's ethnicity?

bulls for sure

Who else thinks Charles Barkeley should just stay quiet?

MY guess would be the Washington Wizards or Golden State Warriors.

What do you think of this dunk?


Why are people saying that Kobe Bryant is breaking NBA records and he's just coming in 2nd or 3rd of a record

Chicago Bulls
Better defense
The best of those

Wizards are nothing without Gilbert Arenas, we dont know a lot about the raptorss in the playoffs, and the other teams wont even make it.

Which Butterfly Effect ending did you prefer?

bulls. the only team that the bulls lost to or didnt wint he series is against the nets and toronto . but their games against each team are lost by close. and when chicago beats them its by almost 25 points. so i hav to go witht he chicago bulls.

NBA MVP 2007? dirk or nash?

Bulls and Raptors because they both have home-court advantage in the first round. Bulls will be in the conference finals against the Pistons.

However here's my playoff preidiction

1st round:
Mavs over the Warriors by 7
Suns over the Lakers by 5
Spurs over the Nuggets by 6
Rockets over Jazz by 7

Pistons over Magic by 4
Bulls over the Nets by 6
Raptors over Wizards by 4
Caviliers over Heat by 7

Second round
Mavericks over Rockets by 7
Suns over Spurs by 7

Pistons over Caviliers by 7
Bulls over Raptors by 6

Conference finals
Mavericks over Suns by 7
Pistons over Bulls by 6

Mavericks over Pistons by 6

Who do you think is going to win it all in the NBA championship?


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