Any tips on how to beat this kid in basketball 1 on 1?

i played him 3 times he beat me all the times and he cheated two games buy having his friends get a rebound and give him the ball and i would have won those games just give me and idea on how to stop him from scoring in the paint and having his gay chinese friends cheating


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First go out there with your friends, so his friends can't try anything, then if he is bigger than you try to steal the ball when he goes up for the shot.

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before the game kick his friends asses untill there unconcious i dont think theyll show

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let him start to pust up against you and then when he goes to throw his weight into you side step him. and its not 1 on 1 if his friends help him. don't pull up and shot drive to the net. this way his friends can't help him. unless they block you that when u tell him he couldn't beat you with out his friends

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Throw the ball at his face as hard as you can, then kick him in the nuts! Then take the easy layup, when he starts to get up kick him in the face, and make another easy layup! Keep repeating this and you will, well,,, kick his ***!!
I know, I should probably coach.

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Goose him like Reggie Evans did to Chris Kaman in the playoffs last year.

Nah, seriously, why are you even worrying about it? Sounds like you can beat him if he didn't have any help so you have nothing to prove.

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when he gets u in the paint play physical with him by bumping him and also swipe at the ball if he puts it low enough you may be able to get some easy steals that way, most importantly stay between him and the basket and contest every shot. I hope this helps you beat his ***!

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Tell him he's gay. He can't even win a 1 on 1 game. He can only win in a 1 on (him + # of friends). If he's still gay. It calls for war. Bring your friends too.

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