A question for jdwj76...?

Question:when are u gonna stop all the hating huh?

ur profile is tainted with billions of kobe hating questions

u cant just face the fact that kobe is good

its ok to dislike kobe but u take it 10 steps further

besides u get dissed all the time

heres an example
once u asked a question about the greatest of all time and u had a list u put kobe down spaced from everyone elses and u named some of the other 10 ppls accomplishments and u said why not kobe have half of those?

a guy dissed u so bad with like a huge page of accomplishments kobe had

besides u need some comebacks
oh nono dont say KOBE BRYANT SUCKS! OR LMAO!

weve heard all that sh1t already get a new comeback

so get a life, cut the cr4p, take grammar lessons, and quit hating on kobe!


What is up with Drew Gooden's hair?

The guy should lighten up. You don't have to like Kobe Bryant to admit that he's a great basketball player. Kobe's not the nicest guy in the world, and he's not the best role model, but he's still a great basketball player.

Steve nash?


In the NBA, who holds the record for the most points in the least amount of time?

Quit being a jocker!...Kobe does sucks! Anyways, Kobe haven't accomplished jack! He have 0 everything except for 2 scoring titles!


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