Am I A Greek god?

Question:I am A Greek God

The first thing i should as a god is give chickens wings so they can fly.


Does anyone know the size of the ball used for girls six-on-six basketball in Iowa up until the '80's or '90s?

yeah and im hercules

How Many Rings Do The Suns Have ?

you know what they say about greeks

Should the NBA be a reality show and have people phone in their favorite teams to the Finals?


How many people think that black basketball coach calls her students "nappyheaded" hoes all the time?

I really don't get the connection to basketball?

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Vince Carter?

Why don't you give pigs wings, that way we can see pigs fly....

Who has the all time highest career free throw percentage in the NBA?

you need to stop posting this question. AND STOP ANSWERING OTHER QUESTIONS LIKE THAT! it doesn't even make sense and its not funny

Why do you people hate kobe Bryant?

Giving Chickens wings so they can fly? That's one amazing miracle. I Wish I was as clever as you .

Can the Suns Finally beat the Spurs and move on to the third round with Tim Duncan playing?

If you are.

Why are you speaking English, aren't you supposed to be Greek ??

Ooooppah !

Is anybody sick of Jerry Sloanes weird face?

lolz hahah that's soo random =P hahaha haha yeah give chicken wings so we can fly =D yay lolz hhahaha =P

What ever happened to the Jewish Jordan that went to college At Maryland? He was supposed to be the next MJ.?

nope you

Why is STEVE NASH such a BALL-HOG?

Why would you be asking.Wouldn't you be watching over Greece. If you are a god you would know.You can't be g@yer than you already are.

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