Anybody else out there think that the NBA is WORTHLESS!!?


Who should be picked number 1 in the NBA draft?

It's a business. Plain and simple.
Ref's make phantom calls to extend series or decide a close game.

The NBA isn't about the game, it's about getting people to watch the game. Why do you think they make illegal defense rules? They don't want a defensive game because it's boring to watch. They want every team to play like the Suns. It's more exciting basketball and far more profitable!

If you want strategy and thinking and coaching and team play, you watch NCAA basketball.

Miami is an older team and Dallas seems hungrier after their meltdown last year. Do you agree?

Are you crazy?!

Does anybody know any explosive drills? And how should the feet hit and come off the floor when your attacking

Yes, I much prefer the NCAA tournament to the NBA playoffs.

How Lakers would be improved this summer?

Hell yeah! Let's at least make the game only 3 minutes long with only 5 timeouts. Then we would only have to suffer an hour before we saw who won.

What makes Kevin Durant different from Adam Morrison?

I am in complete agreement with that statement, I mean, lets face it, can you name a NBA player that hasn't been in some kind of trouble with the police? What kind of role model is that for our youth. Tatoo's up the wazoo and fighting in the arena. Useless, and they get paid big, big, money. I will not go to another game until they get reformed.

What do the Knicks need to get them to the next level in the NBA?

What planet do you live on?

I think the Bobcats are the best team in the nba what do you think?

NBA is going Europe. Enough said.

T-mac, iverson, or kobe ?

OMG... you are SO right... that's why we're all online posting questions and responses about the playoffs...

Thanks for enlightening the rest of us with your articulate and well-reasoned post. Now that I've been reformed, I think I'll watch the hockey playoffs instead.

How do the Cavs look in the playoffs?

yes, i can't say it better.

Do you think it's a good idea for USC's Nick Young to come out in the NBA draft?

Yes The game should start with 2 minutes on the clock in the 4th.

Playing basketball when is the right time to make a strong move or just pass?!?

in terms of....? Be specific.

What New York Knicks player was dubbed "the braided one"?

Usually, NBA games are funner to watch than NFL games.

Now that the suns won game 2 who do u think will win the suns spurs series?

no hockey and soccer is boring

How much does Lauren Jackson make is Korea?

I totally disagree!

How to put more rotation when shooting a basketball ..?

i think the real question is "does anyone think that this guy is worthless"?

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