Anyone fancies the Utah Jazz against the San Antonio Spurs?


Nets or Cavs?

mate, San Antonio demonstrated they are a dirty team. If they happen to win the champions this year, there should be a * noting they cheated to win.

Somehow anything Spurs I dont fancy.

Glory Glory Manchester United.

How will Dwayne Wade & The Miami Heat Do Versus The Chicago Bulls?

The Spurs will destroy the Jazz! :-)

Is Amare Stoudemire a snitch?

I like the Jazz. They have split the regular season games with the spurs and are playing really well right now. I'm not sure they will be able to overcome the Spurs experience but they will definately give them a tough series. Sloans teams always play hard and are tough, especially at home and they have shown they can also win on the road when they need to.

Can anyone tell me who were the four Walk-Ons on the 1996-97 Rutgers University Men's Basketball team?

The Spurs will dominate all the way!!
The Spurs have always been the 'prim and porper' team. They didn't cheat!! How do you cheat?? They defended themselves as they saw fit!! They are Champions and play as so. 'Mate' knows not of what he speak!!

SA all the way!!

Who is the best shot blocker of all time?

only if the can somehow sign Baron Davis.

I saw a movie about this guy nicknamed the GOAT...Anyone know any history on this guy?

Well I do. But they will find it tough against the Spurs. To me, the winner of this match up may just become the next NBA champs.

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