2-on-2? Detroit or GS guards?

Chauncy Billups and Rip Hamilton vs Baron Davis and Jason Richardson. Who would win?


What year did dennis rodman join san antonio spurs? How many championship rings does he have in NBA?

2 weeks ago nobody was talking about GSW guards and all of a sudden people want to compare them to the best guard combo in the NBA for at least 4 years. Both Piston guards have better shooting percentages (FG, FT and 3PT), average less turnovers, defend better and more importantly win games. Stats don't lie, Rip and Mr.Big Shot is the best guard combo in the NBA.

Video of "T-Mac the great's" rant about how valuable he is to the rockets?

B-diddy and J-Rich

What are the top 5 latest michael jordan basketball shoes, does anyone know?

First answerer had it right.

Whats next for the Lakers? KG? Kidd? O'Neal? Jermaine that is..?

Gotta go with the GS Guards. Davis is scary good. Chauncey and Rip have a better cast in Detroit and are better in a team game but 2on2 is a different story.

Should Dirk HALFWITski cut himself while listening to My Chemical Romance, or will he screw THAT up too?

Detriot guard..

Why don't the New Jersey Nets Run?

Baron and Richardson. Both more athletics than the Detroit guards and both can shoot too. They will out rebound the Detroit guards!

Should i buy my lettermans jacket this year or next year?

J-rich and Bdavis hands down.. Mr.big shot isnt as buff as jrich or Baron and both GS guards can post up their defender while Rip and C-bill can't do a REAL good job of posting up...

Whats up with Manu Ginobili making 4 threes?

chauncey and rip

Now that the mavs are out of the playoffs?

detroit because they both have more experience and because billups and hamilton aren't as injury prone.

Can Miami Heat win today?

Rip and Chauncey

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