And then there were four: Detroit, Cleveland, San Antonio, and Utah??

Question:It's very possible we could see a rematch between the Spurs and Pistons this year in the finals. The last time, it went seven games, and the Spurs prevailed. Then there is the outside chance that the Cavs or Jazz could crash David Stern's party...errr...I mean, the NBA finals. I'll be rooting for the underdogs in each series, but I won't be making any bets in Vegas.

Thoughts on the conference finals??
What you would like to see happen, and what you think will happen.


Paul Pierce?

The probability of Cavs-Jazz in finals is 1:1,000,000,000,000,000,000,00... zeros. Just tired of typing it.

Warriors loss?

This is what will happen King James will take his Cavs to the promised land and walk all over David Stern. Bow down before the king.

Who thinks the suns will win it all?

I would like to see Lebron win the championship but they wont get by Detroit.....The Spurs, as long as they keep cheating, will win the whole thing...

BEST fights in NBA!!!?

Cleveland will be there! If it's against the Spurs, I hope they whoop butt!!!

Could someone explain to me the Triangle Offense?

The Cavs beat the Spurs both times this season so if they match up they'll be confident. But i cant see the Cavs getting passed the Pistons, they just have too much talent.

Is kobe byrant the highest scoring loser ??

everyone has GOT to STOP's the PLAYOFFS! yeah, no duh, it's the SPURS and PISTONS in the finals, SPURS on top in's just shown...defense and experience win out in the end...dirty plays get called on every good team so live with it or watch a different sport...btw...lebron and the cavs in the finals? more crack for THAT guy...

Whereever you go there is no Laker-Love?

The Cavs will lose to Detroit in 5. The Pistons are too experienced to loose to the kids.
Pistons over the Spurs in 6. Detroit is deeper then they were in '05.

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