Anyone else?

Question:sick of GS fans blaming the refs. Bad calls are made all the time. The officials are not perfect. So can i ask a favor of all warrior fans that have blamed the loss on the refs.



What exactly is home court advantage? and how does it help?

I have a question. Do any Mavs fans have any class at all?

Sorry our AIDS-infected, gay thugs make a mockery of your team, even though your team had so much help from the refs in two of the games in Dallas.

And you people are still whining about the refs because of LAST YEAR! So STFU, yourself!

Who is the better point guard?

Its is 100% the refs fault. No one may be perfect but they should try to be. The Refs weren't even close to being perfect. If everyone was like you, we then we could use the excuses, "nobody's perfect and "mistakes happen" for every failure. It doesn't work like that. It was the refs fault and they should take responsibility for it.

Who will win the NBA Finals?

shut up master yoda, how was that the refs fault

oh i see...

ur already making excuses for why the warriors are gonna lose the series!!!

Who is the Best..?

They scored ZERO points in the last 3:30. Refs don't do that. The Mavs took the ball out of Baron's hands and his boys couldn't hit shots. Refs didn't do that. Mavs made a good adjustment and made big 3's.

They DID shaft Jackson by throwing him out. Tech, yes. Toss, no way. Chuck was right. Thats a rep call.

By the way, Dirk is the worst MVP ever (up there with malone in 97) for shriveling up in this series. He'll disappear again and Dallas has no chance at GS.

See ya.

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