Anyone besides me upset about the Spurs beating the Suns?

I am not even a fan of both teams but for the Spurs to gain an advantage on Game 4 was an absolute joke. The rule about leaving the bench should definitely be changed. It bothered that the Suns won Game 5 and I just can't help that it was an asterick win. Spurs get away with so much sh$t especially Bowen.


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You know i used to watch the spurs when David Robinson was there but after some of the things that took place this year i can't sit through a game without getting upset i thought the spurs were a stand up team boy was i wrong if i was David stern i would suspend every referee in the game and suspend the whole spurs team for 5 games at the beginning of next season

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LOTS of people are upset ... but I'm not one of them.

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Don't hate, appreciate. =)

I'm no spurs fan, just saying that people should stop whining and hey what can you do about it?

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suns are way better

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The worst thing is, Steve Nash doesnt get a title shot yet again. I recently found out hes played the most platoffs games of anyody who hasnt gone to the finals currently in the NBA. So he pretty much gets beat every year. Poor guy.

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no I'm not mad because my team Dallas was eliminated in the first round
spurs 2006-2007 NBA champions

I know its only one game, but is anyone else impressed with the Pistons 26 point win over the Bulls?


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I agree with you that the coming off the bench rule should be changed. but the fact of the matter is, THEY DID LEAVE THE BENCH. Its the rule, they have to follow it. Ive heard people say, "Well its Amare Stoudimire, they should make an exception so it will still be a good series," but if it had been to crappy players that came of the bench and got suspended, then nobody would even be talking about it. The league cant make exceptions for star players. Its not an asterik win. The Suns broke the rules, its their own fault for not knowing the rule. Im not a fan of either team either. Both teams have their style of play. The Spurs take the physical (some may call it dirty) approach. The Suns take the opposite, and try to flop on every play. Each style of play got them to the second round of the playoffs, but the Spurs pulled it out in the end. It was a great series, and i wish Amare hadn't gotten suspended. But either way, the spurs won, the suns lost.

By the way, Bowen isnt the only one hitting people in the balls... Nash KICKED Kobe in the balls while going up for a shot in the first round this year.

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EVERYONE'S upset...not just the people from Phoenix. We expected to see a GREAT series...not a tainted one. Even my brother (who lives in San Antonio) is upset..and embarassed by the Spurs.

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I'm not upset..
RELIEVED is what I am..

I was a basketball fan before, but now

I don't have to waste my time with this fake "league" is so obvious that it is a concocted illusion for business and by business , run by a lawyer from Brooklyn who makes a ton of money off fools who want to "believe" that there watching an untampered product.

I also believed in Santa Claus once, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy... but I got over that as well.

Have FUN, but I can't take you seriously. LOL

What is up with these wizards? everyone on this team has fallen and cant get up?

I agree with you - I don't much care about either team, but the foul business was wrong. The Spurs should have been penalized more severely - or the Suns not at all.

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I am. I never expected the Suns to win in SA and did expect it to go to game 7 but game 4 and 5 changed it. Either way the Suns fought hard but obviously the Spurs need to end the series tonight was stronger than the Suns to stay in. I'm surprised.

Who knows how game 5 would have been if we had a full team and less emotional angst going on with all the unfairness.

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NBA association wants the spurs to win!It sucks but what can you do.I will be very sad if the spurs win the whole thing.They are not the best team.They are cheaters! I love you suns!!


i am. i was actually pulling for the suns because as a basketball fan they're fun to watch and they are a great team. they deserved to go to the finals and i really thought this year was their year to finally get to the end. im not a big fan of either the spurs or suns but i would have liked to see the jazz/suns match up. but hey... the last four teams should be interesting... there's stilll a lot of good basketball to be played! its just too bad for nash... i really feel for the guy. you'd think a player of his magnitude would have a bunch of rings already! =(

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another postseason, teams advance, teams go home. but the big losers are BASKETBALL fans. something is very wrong with the NBA if they are turning off people who love the sport. this series, like others this postseason was tainted. i am neither a SA or Phoenix fan, but i enjoy good basketball. between league decisions, dirty play, and unbelievably bad officiating, the playoffs have become a sideshow.

i had nothing against the Spurs, but the league has made me hate them. they allow Bowen to get away (and keep playing) despite deliberate attempts to injure, while punishing players who were fed up with the bullying, reacted, and caused NO harm. i will be pulling for Utah, but i will not be watching.

i've followed basketball my whole life, play it, coach it, but i can't watch it anymore. i like my basketball to look like basketball, not scripted games with players mocking the game, refs allowing it, and league officials encouraging it.

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the suns got during the offseason they will look at the rule and change now that it ruined wat will prolly or would have prolly been the best series of the playoffs this season. its a shame to have to have something like this happen before a rule can be changed. especially when you have a commisioner who wont look at the circumstances. cuz after suspending amare and boris he just said to every team and player and coach that if you play dirty and cheap shot a player then your team can gain the upper hand. so wats to stop a team to send in the last bench player and tell them to take out a good player on the other team while another good player is out. then the one team loses a crappy player while the other team loses a star. its not right. idc what the rule says cuz they rewarded the spurs for being dirty or at least horry being dirty. you watch and by next yr the rule will be revised and the suns will have to wait til next for a championship run

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not me. if the suns are truly better, they had their chances at both game 6 and 7 possibly. you think game 5 was an unfair advantage? i dont think so. amare messed up, thats the story, thats why experience is important. amare will be in the playoffs for the next years to come, i dont think he'll be leaving the bench again (experience tells him so). he messed up in game 3 as well, sitting out most of his minutes just because he was chasing duncan's dunks. well he'll know better next time. winners always come out in a best of 7 series. SPURS GO 4 4.

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The Spurs played Six intense physical games against one of the best offensive teams in the NBA. They came out ready to play and never complained on national television about their opponents. In fact, they gave them all the credit in the world. They never asked for the ruling Stu Jackson handed to the Suns. They were mentally focused despite the way their style of play was scrutinized. They deserve every bit of the position they are in and the direction in which they head. There is not one shred of embarassment,or any doubt in my mind about the way they came out on top. The Spurs are the * and to be the best you've got to beat the best. The Suns came out and gave it a fantastic effort, but in the end it wasn't enough.

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