Has steve nash ever shot a jumpshot that first hit the rim or backboard and then went through the net?

Question:amin every jumpshot he makes is either all net or it's off.
PLZ, show me.


Any nba news i mean who ganna trade?

Im sure he has when he was an amateur during school but sorry no video.

Kobe vs Nash?

If his game is as good as it is does how the ball goes through the hoop matter, just keep knocking them down!

Who's your starting 5 NBA players of all time?

Who cares how he makes em' he makes em' and he helps his team, and makes his team the best in the NBA. Steve Nash deserves to be the MVP for the 3rd straight year, all his stats are up this year and he is making the offense for the Suns the best offense in the league. Steve for President!

If Lakers could take one player, who should they take?

Yes, of all the shots he made its impossible that all his shots are all net or a miss.

What conditions must be met for an NBA official to whistle a five second call?


Underrated or Overrated? you choose.?

he has a great arch and spin on his shots anybody can do it with practice. get one of those shooting tapes. i think melo has one out. it will improve your shot

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