Any PHX fans in the house?

I know what happened wasn't fair cuz the spurs played dirty and the refs let them get away with it. Don't worry Suns will get their revenge next year. Just wait you stupid Spurs fans!!


Do you think Stoudmire(suns) is a cry baby or are his remarks true( Spurs being Dirty players)?

I still consider myself a Suns fan, but I no longer hate the Spurs. I don't care anymore. Whether they win it all, or get swept, I don't care. I have lost almost all interest in the sorry, screwed up league they call the NBA.

It's been a bad week for Germans:Dirk is out, Hasselhoof an alcoholic, who's next?

haha. The Charlotte Bobcats will probably win their first title before the Suns do.

Did Nike chose Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods endorse its products? if so why?

i hate the spurs. duncan and bowen can kiss my but. bowen is a cheater. but i dont want to give excuses. we will prevail!!!!!

Who do u think is going to win the nba playoffs?

They will win one before too long. They need to draft o good defensive player.

Which team in the NBA has the worst bench?

hahahaha!!...I heard that last year, wait every year!

Sore loser!

Most underrated team in the NBA?

Dude, get over it. The series is DONE. The Suns (and the fan) are dirty too, so don't be a hypocrite.

How Long Should I Lift Weights?

your a moron... how many times do the spurs have to beat phx in the playoffs before you realize the spurs own phx... and you sound like a whiney *** suns fan too that cries about everything that doesnt go your way.. Go spurs...bringing home many do the suns have?

Who is the nba siloet?

Okay...your team is going to be dismantled in the offseason anyway. Your over the cap and you have three first round picks depending upon what happens on Tuesday. Some of your players are going bye bye..I'd bet Kurt Thomas is gone, and if your smart Sean Marion too. He keeps going invisible man in the series anyway. Though you could save a ton by trading Amare, D'Antoni said before Game 5 you didn't need him anyway. I'm sure that made him feel good.

If you were to pick the first pick in the coming nba draft, who would you pick?Oden or Durant?why?

Next year we will be laughing as the Mavs sweep the Spurs and we get to see Steve go up against Dirk again =). That is, if the refs and the NBA don't try to kill whoever plays against them. Yeah, spurs fans are losers. It's amazing how they can call a wrestling move a "hard foul". Hey spurs fans. Let me chokeslam you in-game, and tell me it's just a hard foul. For those who say the Suns are weak, why in Steve Nash's interview say he was going to go after Horry untill stopped? If they are so weak why did Amare and Diaw run in to get the punching on? Let's face it, if the bodies would have started hitting the floor, Horry and company would have been on the floor bawling.

Lamar Odom, and Rodmanovic for Ron Artest, Mike Bibby and a pick.?

Hell yeah, Suns in the Conference Finals next year, right back with the Spurs, two best teams in the league...Nash just needs some more help on defense, their offense is the * right now, they just need more big guys like Kurt Thomas, maybe get Diaw to play tougher D. It's the rebounds that are killing them, they work on that...championship in the bag

Does anyone know where I can purchase NBA personal Checks?


Why do Kobe fans make a thousand excuses for Kobe Bryant?

Laughing... the thing you Suns fans are really good at is whining. Get over it. The Suns blew it by losing game 1 at home. Stoudlemire & Diaw helped by not being able to act like grown men. No... I'm not a Spurs fan. I'm a Mavericks fan, and when they got whipped by the lowly Warriors, I didn't snivel and cry foul... I sucked it up and looked to next season. All I've seen on here since the game ended is a bunch of little girls whining and accusing the Spurs and refs of conspiring against them. Dude... grow up.

I'm not trying to be Racist but how are all white guys from Europe or China that are Good?

next year will be bad for the big teams such as dallas , suns and san antonio. every coach of other teams is studying they strategy ... next year will be a pretty good year for nba games

Who will be the Phoenix Suns 7th man now that Diaw and Amare are out?

No, all the PHX fans are on the computer typing on their blogs about how they were cheated, how the Spurs play dirty, etc. or they're just crying their hearts out. Well I'm just upset Nash and Marion aren't gonna win titles that they deserve as Long as they play with the master of dirty playing(clotheslining Bell) and cocky, can't-play-defense crybaby(Stoudamire). It's funny how that Suns' fans act like they were victims of thugs and dirty players when they have Bell on their team and they cheered whenever a player gets injured. Real classy..

Is Kobe happy for Shaq's team Heat loss?

Crying in the desert...

Suns fans aren't true fans: you have less class than Steve Nash

GS Mavs Question?


Uhm...2 fouls by 2 guys makes the Spurs a dirty team...

I don't support the decision that those two individuals decided to make and dotn think that it should reflect the entire roster. Players make tough fouls throughout the season and there was alot of emotion in the game. However if the Spurs were "dirty" liek you stated there team would of gotten off the bench like the "perfect angels" got off theres. Oh yes and we will wait again next year and reach victory for what the 3rd time in I think 3 years (may be wrong and kinda tired to look it up). It's unfortunate that the seriest turned out this way but dont go looking for excuses. Those players from Pheonix were punished to remind players that they can't do that and to prevent another Detroit vs. Indiana all out brawl.

What basketball team was don Imus talking about?

GO Suns

Do you think its Jerry Colangelo, sun's Gm's fault that all this controversy is going on?

jeff is funny.hes like mom he hit me,im not playing no i wanna go home and play by myself.dude u r so fukn pathetic

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