Pistons or Spurs?

Question:They seem to be the favorites.

Who's gonna win the '07 ch'ip ?


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Some great arguments here, but consider this:

The Spurs had to play dirty against the Suns. I don't care how big a fan you are of the Spurs, that's dirty. Forearm shiver to the scoring table. Knee to the groin. Busted up nose. These are all things that went down. There can be no disagreement here - it is indisputable that the Spurs played dirty against the Suns.

That stated, the very first time the Spurs try to check Hamilton or Billups into the boards like a hockey player, it's going to hit the fan. Imagine that play happening in Detroit, after the whole Pacers debacle a few years ago. While I'd like to think that fans learned their lesson, you know there are going to be overzealous asshats out there ready to throw a beer at Duncan's head. And don't forget Rasheed Wallace either - do you think he'd stand for anyone beating on his teammates so blatantly for very long?

The short answer is no. Sheed would get T'ed up, Chauncy would hit his foul shots, and the whole world would see that the Spurs can't get it done anymore without playing dirty.

Place your bets now. Pistons in 5. David Stern will shut the Spurs down the very first time they get dirty in Detroit.

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pistons had a better chance to beat the spurs when they had ben wallace so i put my money on the spurs in 7 games

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Spurs in 6! GO SPURS GO!!!

What do you think about Houston Rocket?

Without Wallace, the Pistons lack that post defensive presence that they had when the Spurs and the Pistons went 7 games just a couple of seasons ago. If the Pistons get passed Cleveland, I see them losing to the Spurs in 6, Duncan Finals MVP.

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it will certainly be a great match up between this 2 teams. Tim Ducan will certainly make much diff in this match up. if he continue to play well in the field and board, they have a chance thats for sure. their back court with tony parker and co is equally as good as the detroit back court.

it will be a 7 game series. i think.

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No...From what I've just seen after saying no one would beat the Suns, the SPURS will win the championship...No one left in the playoffs can beat them...

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more like jazz or cavs

What happened to lebron and the cavs?

Don't like either but...I'll take the Pistons in seven..and a couple of fights too! LOL!


spurs in 6

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Lebron is my fav. player, but as much as I wish the Cav's would go, I really doubt it. The Pistons are actually my other team, and it sucks that Ben Wallace left. But I think they'll still go all the way. They def. can take the Spurs.

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