Anyone dreaming that the Warriors will win the series will be GREATELY DISAPPOINTED?

It is very obvious, the Mavs are just treating everybody a veeerrry good show. They'll win the series and that's it. It's part of their play.


Do the Miami Heat have the worst fans ever?

the mavs are not good enough a team to orchestrate something like this, they really are on the ropes...and are hugely overrated off the 67 win season, the other teams that won that many games were REPEAT champions... the mavs are just now getting good for the first time ever and will not be repeat champs...they stand a very good chance of sitting the rest of the playoffs out after this weekend, watching them play against the warriors they dont look like they could ever win a title...they were supposed to roll over this 8 seed...what a joke

When is the MVP award given in the NBA?

i seriously doubt that the mavs will come back from 3-1 to win the series while they are a very good team they just got out played this time.

Why do men's basketball teams have lower graduation rates as opposed to women's basketball teams?

mavs aren't tough enough for that

dirk's near tears already

Ok the last 1 was so easy new 5v5?

You are correct. Dirk, Jason, Devan, Jerry, Eric,and the rest of the Mavs are going to make the Warriors regret their tactics of playing. The Mavericks are the greatest ballers in the NBA! GO MAVS!
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Which player in the draft will have the most impact and why?

The Mavs will lose on the road in game 6 garaunteed. No question about it. GO WARRIORS!!

What is the exact draft order?

ok mister nostradamous. i'll make a prediction, come late thursday evening the mavs will be pictured holding big fish alongside kenny smith .

Did anyone watch the Heat-Bulls game?

lol...not the rockets fans...cause they know they can beat MAVS with heathly T-mac and Yao. But Warriors are too much , too quick, too aggressive, and too strong, for Rockets...I am Rockets fan, want Mavs to we can beat their *** and get payback from playoff series two years ago. When Refs and bunch of mavs flopper cause rox's defeat...noticed what comes and goes around..

If you are contending for a championship, who will be ur starting 5 (keep in mind grit, pts, rebounds and such

The way the warriors are playing, theres no way the mavs can win 3 straight in a row against them, especially with 1 of those in Oakland. Its sad but true, this is just not the year for the mavs.

Where can i find a monta ellis jersey?

Golden State wants to win more and they will. Baron Davis is too clutch for the mavs. Even if the Mavs do win they don't have a powerful forward like the Suns or the Spurs. You need a good agressive forward to win a championship. Dirk is not it.

What's Larry Bird up to these days?

Personally don't care about Golden State and well I really want them to kick the Mavs' butt because I HATE MARK CUBAN!!

spurs fan for life.

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Yes makes perfect sense. Make themselves look like fools to the national audience, tire themselves out while letting their second round opponent rest. It makes perfect sense. The Mavs arent gonna have a chance in the second round if they make it, cause they are gonna be all worn out from playing a 7 game series against an up tempo team, and then they are gonna have to play against an even better version of the GS Warriors, the Phoenix Suns who will be much more rested.

What do you guys think?

the mavs will lose this one at the bay...

Do you think the San Antonio Spurs are "Dirty" players??

Then that would be a STUPID strategy. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that anything can happen if you allow a series to drag on and on.

Was it also part of their play to allow the miami heat to win the championship? Or did they just flat out beat. I'm thinking they just got flat out beat like they are in this series with the warriors.

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