Am I the only one that beleives Lindsay Hunter is a better 1on1 defender than Bowen and less dirty?


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No way. Lindsay Hunter is everything you could ask for in a backing point guard, right down to his incredible defensive awareness.

Bruce Bowen is a total clown. I have no respect for that kind of dirty playing. That goes for Horry too.

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I think Lindsey is a great defender.
At least nobody got hurt when he defends them.

Bowen is a dirty asshole, I really hate the Spurs now.

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Lindsay is a better defender than Bowen and he plays with more honesty, effort, and experience.

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no ,i,m with you. bowen is dirty. did you see how he hit steve nash in the groin the other night/?

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Lindsay Hunter is not a better 1on1 defender than Bruce Bowen and this coming from a Piston fan. First all I don't think Bowen is a dirty player. Are some of his moves a little suspect? Maybe. But I don't think anything he does on the court is malicious or has the intent to hurt or injure others. He's just a great defender. What I will say about Lindsey though is that he is the most underrated defender in the league. At just 6 feet tall he can defend just about anyone.

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bowen is a better defender than hunter
the knee to nash's groin was an accident all he did was raise ur knee like ur supposed to do on a layup
the kick to amare's shin was an accident too he was goin up to try and stop him and they got tangled up

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