[Basketball] - Fast Passing?

Question:How can I pass the ball really fast?

I can set my teammates up for a play but when I pass, the traveling speed of the ball is slow therefore, it often gets intercepted.


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Faster passing means u have to push the ball harder and hence stronger arm strength! But that doesn't mean u won't get intercepted. If u want to avoid interception, u need to think and pass smart. For example, u may want to bounce pass rather than a direct pass at certain time. Aware of not only where ur teammates are but also the opponents. Play more games and u will know what I mean!

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try to pass the ball on a wall a couple of times...

try to use also medicne balls...
thats what we usually do during our practices...

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to pass the ball hard you have to push it harder and pratice pratice pratice.and do push ups to make your arms stronger.

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