Anybody else sick of Suns fans crying about how they 'deserve' to win?

I hear Suns fans complaining that they are the 'funnest' team to watch and that the NBA is losing out by not letting them win. Last time I checked, the NBA title was not given to the most 'deserving' team but the team that wins on the court. Its amazing to me that Suns fan is still crying about games and calls that are already over and decided. When has the NBA ever overturned its ruling because fans cried loud enough? The fact that Suns fan is still living in the past almost certainly guarantees they will not win this series. Nobody ever won a race by keeping their eyes glued to the rear view mirror.


Why didn't they ever call fouls on Utah?

No - come on don't be retarded

We are only complaining we want a fair game without chops kicks and slaps!

Is that too much to ask for or are you afraid your ** Spurs can't win a fair game!

They slap like little girls!

Girly man Duncan - Whaa I didn't foul - Whaa!

I'll be in my seat in Phoenix for game 7 so I can watch crater face Popovich crying! How do the tears get past all those holes in his face, I wonder if they make little pools!

Why is it that in the NCAA players cut the net off the basket after games?

Like u said, its done on the court. Get a front row seat for game 6.

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Im sick of the whining and crying period. Noone "deserves" to win. If the spurs win...they win...thats all there is to it. You can bittch about stern all you want but it wont change anything. I honestly dont care who wins the series, but its alot of fun to watch and i wish people would quit with the "fair" and "unfair" and just enjoy the series. Support your team, but for gods sake quit BI-TCHING

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im sick of it, and itll be over after tonight. if you look at the answers by suns fans, its clear they dont know basketball, they are soft, (just like the suns) and they are childish (ex: the very first answer in this forum). suns fans are basketball tourists. they love to watch that entertaining circus called suns basketball, but THAT AINT GONNA GET YOU A RING LIKE SAN ANTONIO, THEY GOT THREE, AND THERE IS NO AMOUNT OF NAME CALLING OR WHINING THATS GONNA GET THE suns ONE!

How many of you think gs warriors is going to destroy the mavs tonight?

easywest is wrong

Isn't it true that Tim Duncan opens his eyes all big and stretches his arms out and whines and cries on every single foul

Isn't it true that Ginobili flops and falls down more than anyone in the league - even more than Raja Bell - what does he weigh like 95 pounds! He must to get knocked down like that all the time

The Suns don't whine about anything unless they are getting kicked or a knee to the cherry bag!


The Spurs are a bunch of ****

Does the Jason Richardson flagrant foul on Mehmet Okur warrant a suspesion?

I'm a suns fan. I don't think they "deserve" it. but they don't deserve unfair suspensions. Duncan and Bowen went onto the court even farther (in the 2nd quarter) then Diaw and Stoudemire. Duncan and Bowen weren't suspended and did as much as Stoudemire and Diaw. I agree with the Amare and Diaw suspension. Now they are back and they want to win, they will win and force game 7 and then win game 7 and move on.

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just because the Suns got unfair suspensions, this gives no right for championship-lacking suns fans to criticize one of the best teams of this decade. NONE.

SPURS have been elite before amare stoudewhiner was BORN. Respect the elite.

gotta respect nash though.. wtf is he?

Is it just me, or are the Spurs the most boring team in the playoffs?

your complety right the point is to win theres no playing fair or being nice or making fans like you just get the job done

Nba retirement?

i am sick of those who are sick of Suns fans crying about how they 'deserve' to win

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