What New York Knicks player was dubbed both “the braided one” and “Satan”?


Who's the best all time professional NBA team?


Why doesn't the NBA or the NCAA invest money where basketball originally start at?

Mr Latrell Sprewell

Who likes tyler hansbrough?

Latrell Sprewell

What 4 teams do u think will make the conference finals?

Latrell Sprewell is the correct answer.........

Which part was the funniest?

LATRELL SPREWELL is the us99 trivia answer.

Marcus Camby?

Latrell Sprewell works for Radio Triva.

I need help with my foul shoot?

Latrell Sprewell is the answer to the radio trivia

Which coach in the NBA do you think is the most handsome?

Latrell Sprewell is the answer for the radio trivia:-]

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