Anyone else sick of watching Tim Duncan?

Ok, I understand that Tim Duncan is an amazing player, but I am just sick of turning on a game and always seeing Duncan with every announcer claiming that he is God's gift to the NBA. To me he is just a player, a player that I honestly cannot stand to watch. He needs some emotion. What do you guys think? I say Duncan should be asked to leave the league for being a borining player.


Want to see great team basketball?

I am sick of watching him however he is a hell of a player. He scores 30 and people feel he had an off night. Thats what makes him boring. He scores so much that our expectations are so high and even if he has a good game by NBA standards we feel it wasnt up to par for him. He has mastered the bank shot and deserves the praise he gets. The player I am sick of seeing is Shaq. I honestly believe he isnt that good. He is just so big that he bullies people down low and gets so close to the basket my little sister could make the shot.

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And after the Suns win Sunday game 7, we will not have to anymore until next year!

Thank God

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I agree Tim Duncan is the boringest player in the nba . he has no emotion . If i turn on my tv to watch a game and he is on i turn it off because i will fall asleep

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Let me guess your a Nuggets fan?
Go Spurs Go!!

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green doesnt suit you. and what is it with caucasian men (and i am white too) and their double standards and their ability to pull out an argument that favors them depending on what issue is at hand... meaning if players are very emotional like rasheed wallace and stephen jackson, ohhhhh they are very bad for the league. they act black. they act like thugs. they are what is bad about the league. but when they dont even show any emotion at all and are peaceful role models to everyone, ohhh they are very boring, they dont show emotion bla bla bla. dude lets just say you have latent racism in you that you use to justify whatever it is you dont like. stop being jealous and embrace all nba players. we love the game because of their skill and not their color. so grow up buddy

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Yes the only thing he does is stay by the board.

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Tim Duncan is overrated. All my friends had there teams at the beggining of the season and now they have all jumped on the band wagon for the Spurs. Go SUNS!

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Who cares if he is boring? Results is what matters. Three rings and how many mvp's. Yeah he is boring I will be the first to admit but asking him to leave is crazy. He represents the league in a good way. I guess staying in college four years, obtaining a degree in psychology, wining rookie of the year, turning a franchise into a dynasty is bad. Sure buddy. And the guy who said the suns are winning game 7, i'll be glad to save you a spot on the riverwalk when we celebrate another championship. GO SPURS GO!

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I think Tim Duncan is one of the most boring players in the NBA to watch. I respect his skills to play his position in a traditional manner, but with the upbeat tempo of the NBA today his is very hard to watch and be entertained.

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I agree with you he seems like he is mildly retarded. He is completely annoying to watch. No excitement what so ever does he show. Its like he is a robot. yeah a mildly re tared robot.

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Person one- Q: What am I doing?
Person two- A: I don't know, watching paint dry?
Person one- A: No! I am watching Tim Duncan on TV!
Person two- A: You mean to tell me there's a difference?!

(I'm person two by the way)

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I am so sick of it. I am praying the Suns beat the Spurs.

He is one of the most overrated athletes of all time.
Check out this list of the most overrated athletes ever:

It is from

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I AGREE COMPLETELY...he is an amazing player but just a dull, boring, unenthusiastic player. When he won last game in Phoenix, his emotions at the podium seemed like he had lost. WTF is that about? ON top of all this he is a whiny player acting like a 5 year old girl.

Ohio Fans?

tim duncan is one of the top three players in the nba. you and anyone else who got something to say are haters. hes boring to you because hes not on your team, you dont know real basketball, and every year he gives your team fits because NO ONE CAN STOP HIM. keep hating, your team still sucks and all you can do is wait for him to retire! i love it. go spurs.

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You say he is a boring player just because he plays fundamentals and not fast paced games like the suns. He is a boring player if you dont appreciate the game.

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He maybe quiet on the floor, but you should check out his HEB commercials they are hilarious. His dry sense of humor just cracks me up.

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