Am I the only one who is sick of Spurs fans telling Phoenix to stop whining about the Spurs dirty play?

Question:I mean, come on - can the Spurs even win a game by playing clean - NO!

They game was somewhat clean for game 5 and the Suns almost beat them without their two best players!

The Spurs suck big time!


Where will the free agents go this year?

I agree there is complete injustice in the way the NBA has treated the best team in the league. Especially Nash who represents the league well. Seems like the league wants the suns to lose. They are the funnest team to watch, too bad David Stern is The Don king of basketball.

Are the Warriors going go up 2-0 on the princess Mavs?

Yup, and that is why they are beating your club?>!

What if this happened in the NBA?

Keep talking, loser. The only things Spurs fans are saying is "Shut up and watch our team creamate the Suns". That's all. We do all our talking on the court. It's the Phoenix losers that keep blabbing and crying about technicalities and peripheral stuff.

So who thinks that CLE. will beat the Nets tonight?

I'm with you all the way! GO SUNS!!!!

Leandro Barbose?

It's like the government telling citizens to stop paying attention to how much they steal!

Why was JJ Redick inactive today (04/14/07) verus the 76ers?

it does get annoying to hear someone complain alot! I would just say shut up and play! But you arent playing so who cares!

Which of these three pump up songs would you choose?

Losers always will find an excuse for losing,from the movie The Hustler with Paul Newman

Who is the best three point ever in NBA ?

Im tired of both fans ,just shut up and play and settle it on the court ,dirty or not if it doesnt get called its the refs fault not the suns or spurs ,Players get payed great money so act like it and settle it on the court like real men do.

Mavs or The Warriors?

How many championships do the Spurs have? How many do the Suns have? Hmmmmm I think that maybe somewhere along the way you lost sight of what basketball is. It's a physical game with hard fouls especially in the playoffs. The Suns play a running attack when they try to play real basketball they don't have the physical ability to match up. So when it gets physical they don't know how to play anymore. Hmmm Oh well the Spurs in 6 sweeping the Jazz and onto the championship against either the Nets or the Pistons. Where the Suns will still be whining and crying about this series but I do know that they'll make a trade for an inside presence somewhere along the way that plays physical maybe a Marcus Camby type since Kurt Thomas can't play too many minutes but even if they had that they'd still lose.

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It's silly the way the NBA hands out their suspensions based on ratings. They figured out last year that it lengthens the series and boosts ratings. I'm usually not a conspiracy theorist when it comes to these things, but it's starting become ridiculous.

By how much will the Cavs slaughter the Nets tomorrow?

actually, I'm sick of both y'all fan groups. all you guys can stop talking about it cause it's been GOT old a while ago. Spurs have a solid team. Suns have a solid team. Nash got bloodied. Ginobli got a black eye. Nash got ran over. Elson got ran under. whoopie doo. y'all want to see some basketbrawl, watch them old pistons tapes or some lakers/celtics tapes.

Chris CB4 Bosh for MVP?

Fan(atics) and computers DON'T mix.

This has been a public service announcement. Have a nice day!

How do I make basketball practice fun?

if you're sick of spurs fans telling phoenix to stop whining about the spurs dirty play, then i am sick of suns fans who are sick of spurs fans telling phoenix to stop whining about the spurs dirty play

Wats the biggest draft steal in your opinion?

Maybe the Spurts should worry about most basketball fans calling them F2#^$^ cheating dirt bags!

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