Alright Warriors Fans, Can Nellie Ball Work?

Question:First let me say that I'ma die hard Warriors fan and have been since I was old enough to understand basketball.
I, however do not think Nellie ball can win us a title. Look at the Suns they play exactly like us with better players and they haven't gotten over the hump. Also, show me a champion that has not had a dominate big man. The Pistons come to mind but they had 5 really good players that played great together and Ben Wallace is a monster on the boeards.
What do you guys think?


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It can win if you have one big man who can run the court with the little guys, grab rebounds, and defend the paint.

The Suns are a perfect example. They've matched the Spurs in rebounding and would be winning that series if not for the stupid suspensions. The Warriors are similar to the Suns and Jazz similar to the Spurs. The Warriors would have beaten the Jazz if they hadn't been massively outrebounded every game.

Granted the Suns haven't won a championship yet, but if they beat the Spurs they'll probably win it (if the stupid suspensions don't screw them). Like the Sacramento Kings in 2002 (who also got screwed) at the very least they're a championship quality team. The Kings weren't great rebounders, but they had guys like Vlade and Webber who could rebound reasonably well. Just look at how much better this year's Phoenix team is compared to last year when they didn't have Stoudemire. Now they have a realistic chance of winning the title, whereas last year they had no shot.

So basically if the Warriors could get a guy like Stoudemire who can run, rebound, and defend the paint, Nellie Ball would work.

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all thy need is like an emeka okafor and they will win fasho

HAHA ROCKETS LOST...well well well TMAC and YAO..,still can't get past the 1st round with home court advant?

He won't be back next year as coach.

Five seconds to go in the game.?

The only ingredient missing here is Defense.

Just add a spoonful of Bruce Bowen or Marcus Camby, mix and stir, and Nellie ball works just fine.

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I think the wide-open style the Suns and Warriors play make for terrific regular-season teams, but when the playoff hits and you run into a really, truly good defensive team, you hit a wall. The Suns may have a shot at getting past the Spurs, whom I believe are the best team in the NBA. However, I don't think that the "Nellie Ball" style of the game will ever be a proven formula for winning in the post-season.

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nellie ball has never worked..but dont worry he wont be around long..he will quit like he has everywhere else..the classic guy who is always tinkering, no matter how good his teams are...can get you to the playoffs but only a 45% record...needed power up front is lacking too many small forward need a real power forward and a big center/rebounder as there are plenty of scorers on the team

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The small ball style Nellie employes has never won a title in the NBA. Every champion played great defense, and had a good low post game. It's fun to watch, and it works against certain team, but if you live by the outside jumper, you die by it.

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No no no. The Warriors and the Suns do NOT play the same Basketball. Suns ball is about speed, precision, and organization. Everyone on the team knowing where they are and where everyone else is. Warriors ball is barely controlled chaos. It's just a bunch of athletic guards running around, trying to be unpredictable, and then jacking up threes from 32 feet away. This system only works if they can hit those miracle three pointers. Notice that they stopped hitting them against the Jazz, that's why they lost. If they miss three pointers, they lose. It's not that complicated and it's not that effective.

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Yes it can work. The Suns are one of the best teams in the league and they are still alive. They'd probably be winning the series if not for the suspensions. So I definitely think it works. Also, I recall a team that won six titles that did not have a dominant big man. MJ's Chicago Bulls!

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hard to find a big man that can really work in that style of play! The Mavs tried it with Nellie and it didnt work! Guys like Amare are rare, big, strong, athletic, quick! Hard to find a solid guy that plays that way, or can constantly play that way!

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