Am i the only one here sick of Suns fans whining about Stoudemire and Diaw/Spurs fans whining about Suns fans?

All i hear is how one team is horribly dirty, how the NBA wants the spurs to win, about how suns fans are puss-ies, about how players y and x should be suspended but not player z. Why isnt there more analysis instead of this bitching. Ive got opinions on all this but seriously how is it worth anyones time to continually whine and bi-itch every chance they get, whoever your rooting for?


What was David Thompson's highest scoring game in the aba or nba?

No its not worth anyone's time. You're completely correct, fans can whine and complain as much as they want, but we don't affect the game, or the players, and certainly not David Stern and Stu Jackson. So yeah, I'm with ya, everyone just shut up about it, and enjoy the last good series of this yrs postseason.

Denver nuggets beating spurs?

i guess it's kind of like the whining I hear in your question. Definitely tired of it!!

Is there any hope for the washington wizards in the playoffs?

yup. just switch off the tv buddy and close the puter. problem solved

Who has the most potenshal out of the 4 buckeyes going to the NBA? Daquan Cook, Mike Conley Jr., or Greg Oden?

Preach on, my man. I am so sick of the Suns whining it is pathetic. It all stems from their coach.he whines on every call.

ALLEN IVERSON got his nuggets ONE!!bye bye spurs...?

To each their own. If people want to whine and vent like you just did why should they not be able to?

What is the best team in the nba?

It's not the fans it's the league just think about it this way, what if the best player or one of the best players got suspended in the playoffs for coming off of the bech?? How would you feel? David Stern sucks and you know it.. He has changed this series and theres no way around it. Im not a fan of either team but wow did he mess up and pretty much cost the suns the series..

Which was a bigger brawl? 98 heat vs.knicks or 05 Pistons Vs. Pacers?

I'm tired of all the whining. Including Spurs fans whining about Suns fans.

Basketball - Tim Duncan?


Crazy thoughts about Tyrus Thomas and The Suns?

Go Spurs Go!

What constitute a dynasty in basketball?

Think of it as payback for last year when the league went soft on Raja Bell. Bell should have gotten more than 1 game for his flagrant foul against Kobe.
I see this as poetic justice!

Who owns the tie breaker for Lakers/Clippers and Lakers/Warriors?

Shut you whining little Spurs queer!

Only two things come out of Texas and you are not a steer

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