In basketball, what happens if so a team can't put 5 players on to the court because they are fouled out??

NBA and NCAA please


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In the NBA play, each team must field 5 players on the court at all times. If a team does not have enough players left due to foul disqualifications, then a fouled out player will be allowed to play. The referees must call a technical foul on the team whenever the fouled out player commits any more fouls.
In amateur rules, a team can not field fouled out players. If there are only four available players left, then they will have to play 4-on-5. Not sure if the same applies to the NCAA.

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There will always be 5 players on the court.

If they are down to 5 players and another player fouls out, the other team simply gets to shoot technical free throws.

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a team can play with four players but if they have less than four they have to forfeit.

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they forfeit the game

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forfeit game...other team wins

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they play in NBA but every foul is a technical

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It will never happen so don't worry about it.

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