Anyone have any idea how much Mark Cuban bribed the officials in Game 5?

A 5 year old watching the game could point out that the referees were making ridiculous calls in favor of the Mavs. Fouls should be heavily restricted because it's not Golden State's fault that Dirk is a weakling and can't handle a little bump.


Mavs vs. GSW?

Mark Cuban sucks...I mean really, he kneeled on the floor. Warriors is so going to pay back and win Game 6. Warriors for life! Avery talks like a horse, Nowitski can't play under pressure. Go Baron and his crew!

Will Dallas win Game 5?

he took pics of there wives and are posting them on yahoo

Does anyone know why chris webber wears #84?

A million billion gillion dollars ;D

Who here thinks Dirk Nowitzki deserves the MVP?

Sounds like you are a sore loser. Who cares for basketball anyway. Baseball and Football are the only good sports.

Penny Hardaway.Where is he gone?Why some players that look promising just vanish from the NBA?

2nd that!

It's funny how Dirk barely scores 30 and everyone is saying OH THATS AN MVP PERFORMANCE.. aaaa Reaallyy??

he did nothing the whole game. And when it came down to it, that he knew they had lost, he started jacking up shots... good for him they went in. BUT its hilarious when people say DIRK IS A LEADER!

Come on now!

Who has the highest scoring average per minutes played in the Nba? Current players? Past players?

The Warriors blew a 9-point lead in the closing minutes. It's as simple as that.

Come on, Mark Cuban can't have "bribed" the refs. Maybe he "bribed" the Warriors' Stephen Jackson to again be sarcastic about the calls so that he would be sent out of the game?

Or if he did "bribe" the refs, it certainly wasn't with money. He just promised the refs and the NBA that he'll act like a good quiet owner and that we'll see much less of him on TV.

And the refs were so grateful that maybe it showed in the way they officiated the game.

Whatever. Golden State should have closed it out.

What was the brand name shoe company which one of the NBA basketball player owned?

u make no sense
the mavs played hard yesterday
besides refs hate Cuban and if anything they were against us

Do you think there is any possibilities that kb24 will win the mvp award?

a $1000000 thing is probably good enough for the refs.

How did Jordan make all his no-look layups?

The bad foul calls go both ways and have throughout the entire series. Your warriors collapsed and missed nine straight shots in the final 3:07 allowing the mavs to shoot 15 unanswered points. Perhaps you should place the blame on your players and stop whining about the refs cheating you. Besides, since when would the NBA or its refs (who all hate Cuban) go out of their way to give Cuban a trophy? You guys will probably win in Oakland anyway so dry your tears and watch the game..


Why can't you just admit your team faded in the fourth? It happens to every team once in awhile. Grow up.

Sebastian telfair...gone?

I heard he paid 10,000$ to let Josh Howard jump through the hoop to goaltend.

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