Any other team.?

If the hip-check would have come from another team or if the Spurs had not been "called out" for being a "dirty" team, do you think this would have been such a big deal? Or not in the playoffs? Or if it had happened to one of your players on your team (would you hate them as much as people hate the Spurs right now even though the Spurs have been the favorite to hate for a long time with no good reason)? Would you honestly (there is the key word) feel different if this was someone on your team that did this (even though most would say this would never happen on their team like I used to say until two nights ago)?


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I personally wish it would have been Amare getting his a ss knocked out. I love the Spurs and they will always be hated because they know how to play consistently good basketball. If this would have been in reverse the excuse would have been Bowen. No Suns fan wanted to see the " Great White Hope" flying across the floor.

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I'm not pissed about the hard foul, we've all seen it before. I'm not condoning it either, just saying that I'm not bothered by it.
What bothers me are the seemingly random suspensions that get thrown down. Stoudamire and Diaw get suspended for leaving the bench but then returning before anything happened and Stu Jackson says that it's not about fair or unfair, it's about breaking the rules, no matter the circumstances. But then, when it's pointed out that Tim Duncan left the bench in the 2nd period and rushed the court on that hard dunk, to be pulled back moments later by Bowen, he says that Duncan won't be suspended because of the circumstances.

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