America's Hated Team?

I know what Suns fans think of the San Antonio Spurs and I know what Spurs fans think of them, but does anyone else have an opinion on all the hype surrounding the series between these two teams? Do you really hate the Spurs?


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I love the Spurs. Tim Duncan and his teammates are awesome and a lot of fun to watch. It will be even more fun to watch the Utah Jazz beat whichever team wins this 2 round series between Suns and Spurs and meets them in the Western finals.
The Jazz are going all the way to the NBA finals this year.
Watch and see, watch and see. There is no answer for Carlos Boozer, Mehmet Okur, Derek Fisher, Andre Kirilenko, Deron Williams, Mat Harpring, Paul MiIlsap, Gordan Girecek, Jerry Sloan and company.
The Golden State warriors knocked off the 1 place Mavs and then the Jazz took the Warriors out in the 2nd round 4 games to 1. The last game of that series was last night and it was an ugly one, but the Jazz got the W and the Warriors have gone fishin'
Jazz fans worry about playing San Antonio in San Antonio since the Jazz have not won there in many years, but there is always a first time for everything. Jazz are 2 and 2 against SA this season, 3 and 1 against the Suns. Most of us want the Suns so if you are a Spurs fan this is a compliment. I don't know of anyone in Utah that hates the Spurs. They are a well-respected and deservedly feared team. I wish them good luck!

Whoes better?

I live in Seattle so I've pretty much hated the Spurs since forever, as they constantly defeat us every time we manage to make the post.

But I also dislike Ginobli's flops and Pop's pock-marked cheeks.

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They're dirty players who feel they should get away with murder. As for the series, it has been one hell of a ride and it's only going to get better now with the suspensions.

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i respect the spurs (or did b/f this week) but the've never been my fav team especially now. that's why i think they're gonna lose this series to the suns. go suns go!!

WOW! Did you see Kobe score 28 points in the first half of today's game?

Yes I hate the Spurs! They play with no integrity!

How pathetic was the 4th quarter of the Nets/Cavs game?

The New York Yankees are America's hated team.

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I think things have gotten blown up a bit, even as a Spurs fan I find it hard to hate a talented team such as the Suns..Play has been dirty on both sides and I am ashamed of some plays the Spurs have made being dirty..this is not the Spurs team I grew up loving and respecting no matter how bad thigns got..How could you hate a team with the talent the Spurs have...Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, Bowen, Barry, etc.

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I never liked San Antonio Spurs. Hey remember the 0.4? Should of seen the looks on their face. That will always haunt them.

What's his problem?

I am an avid Phoenix Suns fan, but I don't hate the Spurs. Actually, I used to admire the way the Spurs played. But now, after this series against the Suns, I don't know what to think. They play so dirty... yet they get away with it! Well, except for Horry, but that was just too obvious to let him get away with. I think the ways that the Spurs play is uncalled for and very unsportsmanlike. But I can never HATE the Spurs. They're a good basketball team - it's just their attitude.

Which team would you love to see win the championship other than the team you normally root for?

The San Antonio Spurs; owned by David Stern.

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