A stupid qauestion but what the hell?

Question:i have gotten a lot better at basketball over the past few weeks and i have beaten many kids that i know but today at the park i kept missing and do everything bad??

wat do u think happened?


What happened to Casey Jacobson...Stanford, Phoenix, New Orleans, Tau...where is he now?

everyone has an off day. you'll kick butt again the next game.

Which team has the best line-up in the NBA?

too many roids!

What will happen when kobe retires?

Off day...

I bet with my dad that a collage hoop is not as tall as a NBA hoop who won?

Did you eat your Wheaties?

Should my friend beat the crap out of me for saying that he likes the same girl that my other friend likes?

it's just one of those days, even Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan had their bad days.

Whats ur top 5 draft class of all time?

Because you like wrestling and wrestling S*CKS!

How can i get quicker for basketball?

practice the fundamentals. Take it inside if you cant hit the shot maybe they are fouling you to throw you off if you dont call it they will just hit you harder the next time. Everyone has a bad shooting day so sometimes get a few easy buckets to shake off the jitters. And if that dont work concentrate on Defense if you do that well its hard to have a bad day. Maybe you just played some better dudes a step up in Level can make you feel like nothing works get use to it

Who is a better dunker?Lebron James or Vince Carter?

That happens, even to the best of them. Check your form, make sure your keeping your shooting elbow in, releasing at the top of your jump, follow through, etc. Also, when missing the jumpers, try to get into the lane for some easy lay ins. That will make the jumpers easier. Finally, remember it's a team sport. When your shot isn't falling, pass to the guy who is making them and always play defense.

How many championships did the dallas mavericks win?

Because you ate too much pumpkin pie. What else could it be?

Your NBA Finals pick?

Ur game could hav been off I know how u feel my cuzin jus beat me earier 2day.

Does any heat fan like kobe and does any laker fan like shaq?

You had a bad day. It happens to everybody, it is part of the game of life.

Will the Rockets fire Jeff Van Gundy?

Everybody has their "off days" where they just can't make a shot for the life of them. But don't worry, if you are usually good, you will probably get back into your rhythm within a day or two.

Kevin Durant?

well for one everyone has a bad day. no matter what sport it is. but if you seriously want to learn a lot about shooting a basketball or dribbling. check out the Pistol Pete videos that came out in the 80'. those were the best instructional videos Ive ever seen about basketball. I learned a lot from them.

What Kind of Dunk do you want to see in the Dunk Contest next season?

You're probably just having one of those off days that every player has. Just keep practicing, don't be too cocky, work hard, keep your head in the game, and love the game.

Do you think Mark Cuban is over in Germany with Dirk Nowitzki slow dancing to a David Hasselhoff song?

b/c u not a great player

Who will win game six between dallas and golden state?

keep trying..

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