After the Golden st. upset,should the NBA re-seed like in the NHL?


What are the trade talks on lamar odom?

The NBA should reseed , but not because of an upset. They should reseed so the matchups occur based on winnig percentage like: 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, and 4-5. They should not give any kudos to divisional winners because that is what is really screwing up the playoffs seeding.

What can I do to prevent Phil Jackson from trying to touch me in special ways?

no, it's interesting this way. we get the chance to see that any team could practically win it all. it gives more for a better and exciting playoffs.

How good or even great will this suns vs spurs series will be?

no the 8th seed should be rewarded for beating the one seed

Who would you pick kobe,jordan,wade,or melo?

i think the nba is intresting

Name all the players entering the NBA draft this year?

no the NBA should not re-seed, instead I think the NHL should go to the baracket system

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