Anyone help me fix a basketball?

Hi everyone, i need help fixing my basketball. It has loads if bumps on it, when i deflate it it gets back into shape. When i pump it again some parts bump higher than others. Anyway of fixing this please? thanks


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Basketball is very cheap...Get another one...make sure to get a leather one if you can afford it...The leather one will never do it even you pump very hard. You can bounce as high as you want and they are soft meaning never hurt your hand.

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Not really, pretty much it has warped out of shape. Reason for this is you probably had it inflated with too much air and then kept hittting rim, very hard. Only thing I can suggest is get yourself a new ball, and don't over inflate, inflate enough where you get a good bounce, you don't want it bouncing 10 feet higher than you, maybe up to your chest or chin area.

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go buy another one easy

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buy a new one

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Buy a new ball, and maybe get a better one this time.sounds like a cheap-o to me.if it is new, take it back and request a replacement.

then go home and watch the Bulls whip up on Det-riot....

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