3 on 3 basketball strategy?

Does anyone know of a good website with 3 on 3 basketball strategy on it?


Anyone watching the warriors mavs game?


try this. Just give and go pick and roll and screen away
down screen curl and pin. back screen and pin
feed the low post defender behind etc etc etc try that site

LeBron is responsible for Cavs defeat. Skip Bayless and Damon Hack believe that. What do you think?

Easy strategy, Screw ur team mates just shoot all the time like kobe byrant.


When was the last time the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship?

You probably want 1 big guy who can score inside and defend the paint and 2 smaller guys who can handle the ball and shoot.

With only 2 teammates you want to pick people who can create their own shot since there isn't much you can run to get people open other then pick-and-rolls.

If you have a guy that can consistently beat people off the dribble, he might win you the tournament all by himself. If your opponents start leaving their man to help, you get open jumpers all day off the kick outs. If they stay at home on their defenders you get lay ups all day.

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