An interesting turn of events for the Spurs??

Question:For many years, the Spurs have been thought of as a class organization, that's been very succesful in winning title. Now, with the recent play of guys like Bowen and Horry, they are being looked at as a dirty team, and are seemingly taking on the role of the villain, like the Detroit "bad boy" team of the late 80's early 90's.
I mean right down to their black jerseys they wear on the road. My how perception can change. Do Spurs fans like the "villain" role, or would they rather go back to being considered classy, if possibly, a bit bland??


Who thinks jdw sucks??

Being nuetral in the whole Phoenix/San Antonio play, I can't just sit aside while everyone rips on the Spurs.

Bruce Bowen has been known as one of the greatest defensive players for several years now. One of his best strengths is that he can add in that little jab or grab everyonce in a while without being noticed.

He keeps the other team in-line but rarely pick up fouls while doing it. An answerer higher than me commented that he is putting the health of others at risk, but when have you ever seen someone seriously injured by one of Bowen's "dirty" hits? No one had ever questioned Bowen's tactics before Stoudemire because they have faced several other players who do the same, and it is just good solid play.

Bowen was labelled a dirty player, suddenly, the entire Spurs team is dirty? What are you watching to be able to call other players dirty? Granted, Horry's hit was a little excessive, but even Suns fans can't admit their wasn't alittle bit of acting involved on Nash's end. Nash has been flopping the whole series, players flop. Does that mean that Nash or those other players are pansies for doing a little acting. No, just like Bowen, they are doing what is necessary to keep their team going.

Before the series started, the Spurs were known as one of the classiest franchises in the NBA. An announcer commented earlier in this serier that the Spurs had the best team defensively this year, all the while maintaining one of the lowest number of fouls per game. For me to think of a team or player as dirty, he would have to be playing with the goal of hurting people, and as far as I can tell, the Spurs (despite all of the negative energy coming from the Suns crowd that could easily force a team into wanting to hurt their adversaries) have been playing purely for the win.

Soudemire should have never shared his oppinion of Bowen. It and wanting to come off of the bench to start a fight strongly shows that he has a lot of maturing to do before he can become a true all-star. He and Diaw recieved what they deserved. They were not punished for an altercation caused by the _Spurs_. They were punished for a decision that they themselves had made during an altercationcaused by _Horry_, just as Horry was punished for his part. Even Horry's punishment was stronger than it should have and otherwise would have been, but that was the decision the league made, probably hoping to calm the Suns fan.

As a nuetral fan of basketball, I say this: the Spurs have not changed one bit from the team they were when they won those three championships. The Sun's and they're fans are the ones who have changed, trying to play the role of victim instead of going out and playing the sport.

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I think much has to do with Amare's earlier comments about the Spurs. I think those comments triggered this, and emotions were in a high-flow. This Horry situation probably would have never happened. I dont really know him as a dirty player. Otherwise, Bruce Bowen would keep doing what he does, and no one would really care much.

NBA jerseys?

Agreed, my image of the spurs have changed a lot. I used to be neutral to them, now I hate them. But all the close minded spurs fans are just going to say everyone but them are p-u-s-s-i-e-s and they are just playing "defence". Here is to someone, anyone taking out these sore losers.

Have jeff green and roy hilbert made up there decision?

Well, Bowen has always been an ***

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If Amare Stoudowhiner wouldnt have made that comment, nobody would be calling anybody dirty..

I have a championship game coming up...?

TJ- except for the people who WATCH the games.

who wants to be thought of as classless cheapshot artists? Bowen gives them all a bad name, as well as Horry's hip-check.

Was that loud thump I just heard a few days ago all you Warriors fans jumping off the bandwagon?

i liked the spurs before, before horry and bowen became dirty. go wash them with mr. clean

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I think that this stupid incident is being blown out of proportion. People do stupid things, you do stupid things, I do stupid things, professional NBA players will do stupid things. Why I'm peeved is because everyone's crying about it now. Shaq elbowed Mutumbo in the face twice in one game during the finals against the 76ers, do I hear everyone getting on Shaq's case, accusing him of foul play? Is he a dirty player?

What is up with the suns not out socreing the spur's?

No one is to blame but the dirty cheap shot taking Spurs. Amare made that comment, and then the Spurs went out and acted like they had to prove Amare RIGHT, instead of wrong. And had Amare not made those comments, the entire NBA would still be talking right now about the dirty Spurs. Analysts, commentators, sports media, they would all be saying "What is going on with these Spurs?"

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Being a champion means playing through adversity. The Spurs still have it together, even though the media and crazed suns fans have blown everything out of proportion.Notice how the Spurs have kept their composure through all this and the Suns choked at the end of game 5 ? Internal fortitude is something the Spurs have and Phoenix doesn't (With the exception of Steve Nash). Please dont give me the "they were tired" excuse. These guys are elite athletes! They should be able to play 45 minutes on any given night!

SPURS in 6 !

Who is better right now, Kobe or Lebron? RIGHT NOW, NOT FUTURE?

they have been called dirty for the past few years, this is no new event the spurs lost their class when Avery Johnson and David Robinson left.

Remember last year when Micheal Finley sat on Jason terry's face, terry had to hit him in the groin to get Finley off of him, then terry gets suspended and Finley faces no penalty?

I'm 5,10 and i can touch rim easily and i never worked on my calves to jump higher,i wanna dunk,what do i do?

I will stand behind my Spurs no matter what anyone has to say about them...

Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go

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