Ankle Weights on Basketball Players?

i'm walking now daily with weight on my ankles now i'm using 2.2lb (1kg) and going to try with 6.6lb (3kg) somewhere i read that it isnt secure to use them cuz you might have ankle problems later, i want to know if it sure or ir isnt.


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I don't know that they're too bad unless you use ones that are too heavy. They don't really do much in terms of your ankle other than add weight. I used to use 5 lb ones (I'm a volleyball player) and I haven't felt any adverse effects. Though the effects are somewhat temporary, I've noticed, you lose the hops after a couple of weeks if you stop using it.


You have to trust your own instincts. The thing is, go with very light weights and don't wear them twenty four hours. Don't strain your body.

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ask a sports trainer

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I suppose too. Last time i used to play and practice angle weight on. Now i am having some knee problem. Think it will indirectly hurt your legs especially when u jump and land.

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If you are trying to increase your vertical jump, I'd have to suggest plyometric training along with or without the ankle weights

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Ankle weights r not good they stun ur growth and mess up ur ankles. I have some neighbors who didn't listen and r now short and have problems wit there ankles

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