Kobe vs MJ....who's reall better?....Watch Video!?

Question:Kobe at 19yrs old!...and MJ could'nt handle him...
click here>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bc5sw1xnj...
(Yes Lakers Lossed!..)...(But the next game the Lakers destroyed the Bulls and Kobe once again schooled MJ).remind y'all...Kobe is coming off the bench!..and seeing limited Min!....and at 28yrs old!..Kobe has had a far better career then MJ at 28!....to easy!...

ps:If your judging off personal awards.MVP's etc.then your saying Steve Nash is Better then Shaq because he (Nash) has More MVP's..then the Diesel?..and at 28 Kobe has 3 chips!.compared to 1 .like I said.To easy!...he..he..


What was Snoop Dogg doing at the Warriors game? Isn't he a Lakers fan?

Listen dude... I'm not judging on awards and Michael Jordan is better. Kobe doesn't have highlights like the dunk from the free throw line, game winner vs. Memphis, or when he switched hands in middle of his layup. Those highlights will be played forever. Not only was Michael Jordan a good offensive player, but a good defensive player. Defense wins championships and Michael Jordan proved that. Kobe's motto should be "Shaq wins championships." Speaking of Shaq, Kobe scared him away... if you beg for a trade all because one of your teammates is being a spoiled brat then your "teammate" has a serious problem. Currently Michael Jordan has 6 chips!... compared to 3... like I said. Too easy!...he.he.

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very nice

Who is a better all around player: Chauncey Billups or Baron Davis?


What has just happened? tell me is it fair?

i hope you're not offended ..but i didnt watch the video because i didnt need to..

mj is better.

no question

Does any1 know which Iverson shoes has this quote on it? "play every game like it is your last"?

Jordan, because he was the best all around player. He could score, play defense, and made the team better when he played. Don't get me wrong Kobe is good too, a great scorer and is decent on defense, but in the past couple of years he has shown he can not carry a team like Jordan.

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Sure, if you were just going to compare one game... let's compare the number of games MJ won in the finals as the most valuable player and the number of games Kobe won in the finals as the most valuable player.

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Kobe is a great player in his own right and like you said Michael had Scotty who was as good as any other player in the league offensively & defensively. So it is unfair to Kobe to compare him to Michael when Michael didn't have to carry the whole burden on his back. The very same thing could be said of Phil. He was a great coach because of the great players he had. If Kobe had a player of Scotty's ability playing along side him there would be no doubt of the things he could do.

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