1) What goals of Suns for a victory over Spurs? 2) What goals of Spurs for a victory over Suns?


How to dunk?

1) Make Tim Duncan your 1st option. Amare Stoudmire cannot guard him, and if they double or triple up, they leave Parker, Ginobili, Horry, and Bowen open. If the Suns put a big man on him, they can't run.

2)Keep it a half-court game. Make it hard for Nash to penetrate and create plays. The Spurs are a bigger team, make them work for their outside shots.

3)Be physical and stay healthy.

1)Amare HAS to able to contain Duncan, this will make the whole series easier for them if he does.

2)Rough-up Parker. Parker doesn't do well against physical defenders, that's how Detroit was able to contain him during the finals 2 years ago.

3)And most importantly..DO NOT LEAVE ROBERT HORRY OPEN..EVER!

Should Qamar Z. Khan sign the NBA contract being offered to him by the Dallas Mavericks?

Well try getting Tim Duncan outta the game anyway you can. And call the INS on Ginobli.

Should the NBA change its playoff seeding AGAIN?

1) - Fastbreak Points
- Rebounds
- Amare Stoudemire executing in a half-court

2) - Transition Defense
- Tim Duncan
- Slow down the tempo

Why do mavericks fan want Nelson back?

I'ts simple the suns have to defend and control the tempo The Spurs naturally defend and must slow trhe game down

Who will be possible win Spurs versus Suns in playoffs 2007?

One team should score more points than their opponents for a victory. Make sense?

What is the font for the Golden State Warriors uniforms?

a. Make Nash the first option to score Spurs are good at running around screens. Spurs will clog the passing lanes making it difficult for Nash to dish his normal assists. Spurs will gamble to get Nash to shoot. So Nash must score well on the first 2 quarters so he gets double-teamed, once Spurs make the adjustments then he can start dishing out.
b. Make Duncan beat them inside than be beaten by Ginobli, Owen, Barry & Horry from the outside.
Spurs get their win if these four are clicking from the 3-pt area. Suns have to gamble and let Amare or Thomas do their defensive jobs. Double-teaming Duncan is a bigger risk as he is the best passing-center in the league.

a. Prevent Nash from passing to open teammates during fastbreaks and in the 3-point area. Nash assists can turn easily to 20 to 40 points per game. If they can limit that, then they stop the Suns and win the series
b. Defend well over Amare through double teams.
Amare doesn't pass the ball once he gets it. Spurs have to prevent him from getting the ball inside and double-team him once he gets it.

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