‘Old-School’ NBA anyone? Why?

Question:Do you enjoy watching ‘Old-School’ NBA, meaning 1960s to early 1990’s, more than Today’s NBA? Especially the NBA’s Golden Age, 1980’s to early 1990’s?

Let’s reminisce…

Do you prefer the ‘Old-School’ Superstars, such as Dr. J, Iceman, Air Jordan, Showtime, Human Highlight Reel etc., over Kobe, T-Mac, Carter, Iverson and LeBron?

Do you favour the bitter ‘Old-School’ rivalries of the past, like the Celtics-Lakers, Bulls-Pistons and Jordan-Isiah, better than any rivalry today?

Do you like the dynasties of the past like the Celtics, Bulls? Today there are Umm… No dynasties anymore.


Is it because ‘Old-School’ players played for glory, honor and respect rather than money? Is it because they are more fundamentally-sound, skill-wise? Is it because they understood that basketball was a team sport?


What has happened to rip in this series?

I think the players are more talented now and also more greedy. You hit the nail on the head, old school WAS about respect and glory and winning for the teammates. Now it's all about the cash and fame. They were way more fundamentally sound back then, which is why the best TEAM won. And now the best teams in the NBA are the ones that mimic that style of play. I just wish there was more sound shooters so the games werent so slow. The old teams played great defense but would still score a lot of points because they could shoot a high %. Now the guys shoot a high percentage because there is nobody on them. When they catch a little D.They score 75 points a game. Which is why the finals this year and a fedw years ago...will be boring and the ratings will be terrible!

Nba Finals?

Yeaaah good basketball, tough defense and more of a team game. That's why I like Tim Duncan as well as the spurs and pistons cuz' it reminds of that beautiful b-ball that guys like magic, bird and stockton used to play among other greats.

Will the Suns - Spurs series be the best of the playoffs?

I consider this Spurs team a dynasty.

Who will be the nba champs?

First off I am insulted, a great injustice has been done here, you can't place Jordan and Dominique in the old school category with Gervin, Doc, Moses Malone, Earl the Pearl, etc that was a whole different generation. Michael was king of the whinners he wouldn't last in the old days he is to sofffffffffftttttttttt.

Man how boring would a spurs pistons finals be?

I prefer the old school NBA to today's players. It's because they all wore nutters and were high on Coke

Who do you think will be the most dominant Center we will be talking about in the next 7 years?

I agree with everything that you said. The teams in the 80s were great (I am too young to remember anything prior to the early 80s). In the 80s you had teams that were 10 deep with solid players. With expansion and too many players leaving college early, it will take lightning in a bottle (and people to swallow their egos for the better of the team) to create a team like the teams the 80s had.

There is a small chance that the NBA could get back to that level and the first step to that is to hold off on further expansion for a good 10 to 15 years. By that time the talent level COULD rise again.

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I prefer the golden years. 1980-1990. Lakers, Celtics, an 76er's. It was more fast paced, high scoring and more exciting than today's b-ball. I've aged so much as a kid in these years. But I still look good!

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