Alright, new NBA trade?

Question:Since my Mavs-Jazz deal got shot down, I'll try again. My point of this trade is for the Mavs to get a true point guard.
Mavs and Hornets:

Mavs send:
Devin Harris
Josh Howard

Hornets send:
David West
Chris Paul
Desmond Mason

Yes/No? What say you?


Who thinks that the Pistons are going to go all the way, with the sweep of Orlando?

Sorry, you'll have to trade four starters or Dirk to get Chris Paul, their franchise player.

Why do you get, relatively, so few answers to your question if this is a worldwide site?

yes! good for you, but now how about a trade involving the stupid commisioner, david stern, and his fool assistant stu jackson to football for roger goodell!! is that a good trade?

Air Jordan 11's (XI) shoes! =)?

Heck naw!! R U crazy! Dallas needs "heart"! U can't trade for that! Spurs & Suns have "heart"! That's why it's the Heavy Weight Championship Fight of the playoffs!!

Will the Sixers have a beach bash in 2007?

Ok the Chris Paul for Devin Harris would maybe work since Paul is young and a good player but Devin Harris is a really good defensive PG and I gonna keep tellin you that over and over again until you come with a trade like Leandro Barbosa for Harris or Raja Bell for Harris, and the trades forget them.COME UP WITH BETTER TRADES AND POST THEM AGAIN!!

Dwyane wade is the best player ever he is my favortie does anyone no him?

You're smoking some kryptosonicsuper chronic! That would never play out in the real world or even in Bobby's World.

Over the last decade, who has been the most important (to their team) player in the NBA?

you suck. come back with a trade that doesn't favor the mavs and rip off the other team. you are stupid.

Who is the greatest dunker in the nba?

NO WAY! Mavs are not going to trade both Devin & Josh! Devin is improving each year and he'll be awesome next season. They are both staying with the mavs!!

Who has the record for the highest vertical jump.?

the mavs won't do this

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