ANybody dowwn here thinks that Matt Barnes is an idiot and caused the Golden State to lose to the Utah Jazz?


Who will win MVP in the NBA?

no, although he did contribute to the loss in pfs and techs, the whole team screwed this one up. a large part of this was their shooting percentage. his shooting percentage(fgs, 3's) was 50% while the team as a whole was 36.4% and 20%.

Can the Suns beat the Spurs?

His excellent performance against my Dallas Mavs atoned for that though..

Underrated or Overrated? you choose.?

how can you blame Matt Barnes its a team game and you lost by 13. but i can see how he cost you the game

What do you think of this year's NBA season, especially the playoffs?

the whole team didn't perform that well as a whole. Making stupid mistakes, not hitting their jump shots and being out-rebounded.

You cant blame Matt Barnes for losing, the whole team could have done a lot better. They also need to control their temper, getting technicals and flagrant fouls for stupid, unnecessary fouls.

Are NBA refs biased?

UMMMMM.NO! Thats crazy talk Barnes is the *, and came through many-a-time. That trip on Karalinko (spelling? sorry) was bullsh*t.

The Refs just didn't let them play the game, the Warriors got screwed on a lot of calls, and Utah got screwed on a few (like the second delay of game call on Bozzer, i mean what was that?)


Mark Cuban is a Weirdo, just watching him cry on ESPN!

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