Alright Spurs Fan, who is upset that Stoudemire and Diaw have been suspended?

I want their best against our best personally.


What ever happen to harold miner formerly of the miami heat?

me too! Despite the fact i am pisted of of calling us dirty team because they dont know what defense means i didnt like this punishment for the suns! I wanted our team to beat their best cause now they are gonna cry all the time that they were better and the punishment made them lose.. gogogogog spurs!!

Post your name and give me a star if you like k bryant or d wade?

i don't care, i'm a pistons fan,

AI or Dwade?

I,m not a spurs fan .But I think it is a bunch of crap that Robert took such cheap shot and the Sun,s pay for it the worse . Stern is a idot. He,s saying it,s ok to try and take a guy out. And punish the other team for jumping in off the bench. Witch is almost always going to happen when someone plays dirty like that.

To those idiots who think pistons and spurs would be boring?

not me..

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I believe they are trying to act like the WWE! Ok, I will get real now. Do you remember when Timmy Duncan got ejected for laughing at that NBA Ref? I think the NBA is trying to pay back the Favor to him and the spurs. Did you also see that Timmy left the Bench when their was another confrontation with a suns and spurs player? Go Suns, I live in Phoenix and that sucks to see the NBA reck this Series!

Who's going to win the NBA playoffs??

Duncan and Bowen should have also been suspended for coming off the bench late in the game.

But tough luck for the Suns. This happened to the Knicks in 1997, when they had FIVE players suspended against Miami. I think it was all five starters who came onto the court late in the game when a scrap broke out on the court. Most of them just took a few steps onto the court and didn't touch anyone. But since it was five players, the league suspended 3 in one game and 2 in the next. Knicks lost BOTH games because of the suspensions.

It was probably the best knicks team of the Ewing era and they lost their best chance of beating the Bulls and winning a championship. Ewings knees started really going after that.

Whos MVP? Dirk or Nash?

Personally the suns are better. If they suspended our players they shouldv'e suspended Bruce Bowen and Tim Duncan. The SPurs ARE CHEAP!

What happens if a player shatters the backboard or busts the rim?

not me..
david stern made the right decision..
they both violated the rules..
the punishment is alright for me..
and never call the spurs a dirty team.. idiots..


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I agree, the Suns are better, no team Cries better , even their Coach, and Owner are experts.

Player of the year?

i agree,i want their best effort too.they r crying now,imagine when they lose because they lost stoudawhiner and diaw.oh my god,i wont b able 2 take it.may god bless us spurs fans.

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