After the humiliating Dallas loss, would it be Suns or Spurs in the NBA Finals?

Analysts are saying that after the Dallas loss, it would be a very wide open NBA Finals. But looking at the teams left, I think it woud be down to two: San Antonio Spurs or Phoenix Suns.


Why do basketball teams use up all the time to secure the last possession during any quarter end?

this series is the real nba finals.nobody from the east can beat any of these 2 teams..and 2 answer ur question it will be the spurs winning it all.they will send the suns to set.dont you think its beginning 2 look alot like 2005 when the spurs won it all.

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This would be a close call but I would put San Antonio just a bit ahead of Phoenix. None of the other teams have much of a chance.

Who do you think gonna with NBA Eastern Conference?

CORRECT!! this!! should be the real nba title series! they are the two best teams and can whip anyone from the east! dallas? ha! ha! did you see the look on MARK CUBANS FACE? waht a jerk! ha! ha! this egomaniac will never get title!! ha!! ha! 67-15 for nothing!! ha! ha!

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I think it'll be a smooth ride for the Sun's all the way to the championship. Their playing solid ball and I don't think there are a lot of bad matchups for them. The Mav's were going to be their tough match up if they met.

My Co-Worker believes that The Cavs will beat Detroit in the next round?? Is he foolish or what?

Yes, Warriors, hottest team in basketball.

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The Suns will win the championship this year.

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It'll be the Suns and Bulls in the Finals this year, with the Suns winning in 5 or 6

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