Is there hope for the pistons?

i have no idea. in first, i was voting for them, but it looks like i'm going for the cavaliers now.


What team could beat the 2006-2007 All NBA First Team using none of the players on it?

Hope in that they will beat the Bulls, yes...and they will take the winner of the Cavs/Nets...but I say there is no hope for the NBA Finals.

What two teams will we see in the NBA finals?

Pistons have a legit. shot this year... i think. Are they as good as the Spurs or Suns? No, but look what the Warriors did.

NBA Playoff Predictions?

I dont like the Pistons and i dont want them to make the finals,and this is really cool,I think the Bulls are going to be the first tema in nba history to come back and win the series after 3-0 lead for the other team,i say bulls win and then after that,it doesnt matter i like cavs and nets so yeah.

Why do so many Kobe fans hate the rest of the Lakers?

Even though Im a die hard Cavaliers fan, I still dont think we can take the Pistons in a 7 game series. Maybe when LeBron gets a little older and better (I know, the thought of LeBron getting better is downright scary), then we will be winning Championships, but as for now, I would rather spare myself of losing the Finals, and instead lose in the East Finals, knowing that we are going to be better next year, and that we'll be back. Because, lets face it, the Spurs or Suns are going to win the Finals this year, its just the question is, who are they going to beat?

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