After the mavs-warriors series, does dirk nowitzki deserve the mvp award?


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He is going to get it, MVP is for the regular season.
Does he deserve it? No. An MVP should be able to get his team out of jams. Dirk was a spectator for most of a series that the Mavs should have won easily. While main rivals by general consensus Nash was laying out 23 assists and Kobe was single handedly trying to save his Lakers (and failing but at least he tried, averaging more points than anyone in the playoffs), Dirk was watching from the stands, almost.
Then take into account the MVP performances from Kidd, Deng, Davis, James and every Piston and weigh this against Dirk.

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of course!!! DIRK deserves the MVP award more than anyone else!! its been so long overdue!

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No, if he can't take his team past a 8th seed team, he don't deserve it.

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Dirk is the best player on the team that has the best record, as far as leading the team goes, you cannot deny that Nash does more to make his TEAM better. He leads the league in assists and if needs be can shoot it at a high percentage. The Suns also won more of the regular season games against DIrk's Mavs. Truth is the MVP award even before the playoffs began was meant to be given to Bruddah Steve.

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nope he's too much of a choke artist for MVP. He only made his prescence felt in the game 5 in dallas and they almost lost that game...

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Yes he does, because it's a regular season award and has nothing whatsoever to do with playoff performances.

EDIT: To JaY - (answer below)...the regular season MVP award is voted on at or prior to the end of the regular season, but it's not announced until sometime during the 2nd round of the playoffs...but the voting itself was completed before the playoffs started. The playoffs have their own MVP award, awarded at the conclusion of the Championship Series...and that's based strictly on playoff performance, and (in theory at least) is not voted on based on regular season performance. The awards are separate and distinct. That's why Dirk deserves the regular season MVP as much as anybody (and it seems obvious it'll be either Dirk or Steve Nash).

What you said about MVPs over the past 20 years is true as far as it goes, but again, regular season and playoff MVPs are two separate awards.

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Maybe.He did have an great season.

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no he dosen't if you look at the last few mvp winners they at least made it into the conference finals. If you have the most wins and lose to the eigth seed your name should be out of the talks

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Winning 67 games in the regular season is a great accomplishment, but that just will result to a ticket for the playoffs. A real MVP (sorry dirk) is not awarded based on his performance before the playoffs, it is given to the best player for both the playoffs and the regular season. Why else is it given midway after the post season? All previous MVP's from the past 20 years have lead their teams to either the conference finals or the finals. Except for malone '99 and duncan '02, but they did manage to get to the second round.

But dirk well he didn't even try to save his team on game 6. Which means that it's a three peat for nash.

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the MVP award is for the regular season performance,so dirk deserve it,however bec. of his performance during the playoffs,dirk has to accept it with a heavy heart

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WEll dirk was playing outstanding before the playoffs and thats what the mvp is about. Im assuming the championship mvp is for the best postseason player.

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