Amare & Diaw Out? THIS IS BS SO BAD!?

Question:Can anybody believe this garbage?

Robert Horry dishes out the hit... and the Suns get penalized worst with their 2nd best guy and Diaw


If the Suns lose I'm done... I will never watch another game again

F U COMISH... You are a dumbass

Try thinking about it before you do something

OH NO they left the "immediate vincity" of the bench

WOW... that is just way worse than trying to severely injure someone


What did the Rutgers women's basketball team do to deserve those mean comments made by Don Imus?

Can anybody believe this garbage? - That's the question, right? I think someone can.

If the NBA is rigged then who is to blame? Whos pushing the buttons?

I'm halfway on this my man , honestly! I want the suns to stomp their asses so bad! But the power that be really enforces that dumb rule. So we just gotta hope the suns respond explosively!

Playing basketball when is the right time to make a strong move or just pass?!?

Okay how about Nash milking it it to the point of trying to get someone in trouble. And Horry gave a hard foul because Nash is smaller than him and was going around him, which explains a simple hip check. And Stoudemire knew what he was doing because when he got caught HE immediatley gave the excuse of trying to check in. He broke the rules, so face the punishment.

During the "Jordan" era was there ever a series that you didn't feel confident about winning? bulls fans only

Boo hoo hoo. Yo go Horry! Things always seem to go SanAntonio's way. Aha.

Can the ruegers basketball team sue Imus for slander.?

you are absolutely right!! the spurs i am sure had horry do this on purpose to either hurt nash or get the suspensions from the other players. horry is nothing compared to what phoenix lost. horry is a fresh prince of bel air wannabe and his best years if there were any are far behind.phoenix will have to play great in game 5 but if the crownd can get into frenzy the way golden states does i think they got a shot. whenever steve nash is there u have a chance. by the way how did they not give the mvp to nash again and gave it to DIRT nowitzki.

About basketball and Lebron?

This is really tough and I am sure that all Sun's Fans are stunned that the leadership of the NBA cannot take each situation and look at it separately. All of the fans are really furious with the calls and inconstancy amoung them.
I am a hugh fan of the Suns, and wonder if this playoff will be won by the NBA leadership and not the players. We may never know what the true out come of these two team comming together would really be.

Do you agree that this is what the Lakers need to do during the offseason?

The trade off was Amare's and Diaw's 30 points and 16 rebounds versues Horry's 5 points and 5 rebounds. How can they reward a flagrant foul by suspending two players who took three steps off the bench but never paticipated in the on court minny melee. David Stern should be ashamed!

Guys with rings from Detroit?

Not to play the biased card, but the penalty fit the crime. The rule states that if you leave the bench you will be suspended for at least one game, depending on the severity of your actions.

However! I don't fully agree with the rule and there is too much of a gray area. It really needs to be revisited and amended accordingly.

As for Steve "Hammerhead" Nash.all Horry was trying to do was knock that fool's eyes closer together! Hell, when you look at him while he's wearing sunglasses you can still see one eye!

Are the Mavs still alive?

It is pretty bad. The NBA needs to update their rule book. Amare and Diaw did both break a rule, but the rule should be changed. It is stupid and outdated. I know that an incident happened in the 1997 playoffs where Patrick Ewing was suspended for a game for a similar incident, and it's not fair to all the other players who have been suspended for it, but at some point the rule has to change. Horry should be suspended for much longer than 2 games. During the regular season Carmelo Anthony just hit a guy on the back and he got a 15 game suspension. Robert Horry completely hipchecked Steve Nash into the score table, and he only gets two games. It's a bunch of bullshit.

Arent the Oregon Ducks.?

Well, I guess the prestigious Cheap Shot Bob has served his chessy *** team well. Next to Bowen for your Nuts Bruce, and Flip Flop Manu, the Spurs looking to take Game 5 easily.

But I believe in Karma, Heat won the Finals last year on that suspected talent. And look what happened to them this year.
If these thug Spurs win, I hope it bites them all in the *** triple.

I need a jersey?

Did they throw any punches?

Did they escalate the situation?

So in the NBA, you earn a suspension when you come to the defense of your team leader, wow.

Rutger Womans Basketball Player Recieves PLAYER OF THE YEAR, Is That Why IMUS Called Her A Ho?

I believe the NBA are trying to act like the WWE! Ok, I will get real now. Do you remember when Timmy Duncan got ejected for laughing at that NBA Ref? I think the NBA is trying to pay back the Favor to him and the spurs. Did you also see that Timmy left the Bench when their was another confrontation with a suns and spurs player? Go Suns, I live in Phoenix and that sucks to see the NBA reck this Series! I just want to see a Fair Series!

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