Amare and Boris suspension.. do you think its fair they were suspended?


Could Jordan have won 6 titles without Pippen or Phil?

yeah, it happened to other players for the same reason, they deserve the same punishment

Predictions on bulls vs pistons series?

Do you think we can ever let this go? This question has been asked 213842987421 times. Just type it under search for questions and you will see other peoples opinions.

LOL the espn anyalysts are lousy at seeing who the MVP is?

yeah, it happened to Bowen and Duncan too.. wait... they leftthe bench but they weren't suspended.. what?

Since the Mavs lost to Golden State now the Spurs can win the finals right?

yes, as much as i like them they came off the bench i would feel the same if it were jordon or duncan

Who thinks Kobe Bryant is the sexiest player out there?

no coZ i thing they were jus tryin 2 stop da fight!!...yea dey left the bench..but they were held of quickly back!>.
dont know y u hav 2 suspend dat!..?...spurs will win series with dis suspensioN!...

Who Do You Think Will Probably Go TO The 2007 NBA Finals?

No...definitely not. I mean come on... to ruin a perfectly good series by devastating the chances of a team to win, especially the team that got fouled. I think it's unfair that only Horry, who scores only 4.8 a game gets suspended for the spurs while Stoudemire, who scores 24 or so gets suspended for the Suns, in addition to Diaw, his replacement. David Stern and the NBA seriously need to fix that rule. I've been a Suns fun (GO NASH!) for a couple years now and it pisses me off to see Robert Horry and the Spurs get away with this. I'm seriously beginning to agree with Stoudemire that the Spurs are "dirty" (but Tim Duncan is cool, I respect him). Bowen got away with kneeing Nash and now Horry gets Stoudemire suspended! GOD!
In any case I hope the Suns kick the crap out of the Spurs tomorrow, at least for Stoudemire, Diaw, and Nash.
GO SUNS!!!!!!

Tell me why tyrus thomas dunked on every piston yesterday.ha ha ha ha ha ha?

The only people who think it is fair are Spurs fans.

Should women be allowed to drink hard alcohol?

I don't think it is fair to suspend them now. Their teams are at a crucial point in the playoffs, so suspending them will or may indirectly alter the outcome of the game. If it is in the regular season, it's okay and fair to do so. But on the other hand, they are not exempt from suspension just because they are in the playoffs, they need to be punished. If it were my decision to make, i probably wouldn't suspend them.

Where can i watch the spurs vs nuggets game on the net?

its fair..

What if detroit and golden state face off in the finals? would the warriors beat another top seeded team?

Right does not always mean that it's fair. The NBA did what they had to do by their rules and regulations. There is really no compensation, because compared to Horry . the suns are at a Loss, but then, it's the Suns, so when the sun rises, some one will step up!

Do spurs fans really believe they will win the series?

no it is not fair b/c ther wer onlt trying to stop the fight it is akward that bowen and duncan did not get suspended also charles barkly said it was unfair and the nba should change it

Good lowcut basketball sneakers?

The Spurs have skating away this whole series.
First, Tony Parker hitting Nash in the face
Second, Bowen clipping Stoudemaire
Third game, Bowen on Nash
Fourth game, Duncan and Bowen leaving the bench, but no suspension, but Horry decks Nash but Stoudemire and Diaw get suspended for leaving the bench. Doesn't seem right that the Spurs are owning the officials and the league office.

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